Trail angel – defined as a non hiker who helps a hiker in some way.

I am amazed by the help I have received so far and I’m not even on the trail yet! It’s difficult being a non US citizen, understanding the postal service needs insider knowledge!

Luckily I have gone out and found some great people to help me. Ask everyone – you never know what the answer will be and most people are really very helpful.

I have to do a special shout out to Matt Parker (Double Tap). A PCT thru-hiker who offers an amazing service to future hikers. I took his PCT-101 class and if you are a thru-hiking newbie like me you should take his class too. He alleviates fears, gives advice, understands trousers and queues, has a great poo story, and his help extends past the class. Answering your questions, big or small, is never too much trouble. He also has some awesome pictures! Right now all his classes a FREE! Check him out here – DoubleTapHikes

Friends, family and complete strangers have been really supportive, it seems that the only person who ever has any doubt over my ability is me!

my friends who have said they will send me Cadburys
my colleagues who have listened to me bang on about it for what probably seems like forever
my employer for giving me the time off
my American friend who helped me save money on kit
my friends who have been sent pictures of my new kit as it arrives and are forced to join in my excitement
the random people I have emailed for advice, and the advice they have all given me
past thru-hikers and their brilliant blogs, books and resources which make the daunting planning task so much easier
the people who want to sponsor me
all the official trail Angels
my mum and dad for…everything…

THANK YOU! Planning is a huge task, but the help is out there.

Although I am heading out to the US on my own, I’ve never wanted to do it alone. I’m counting on meeting some amazing people and making some great friends, but I also know that all the brilliant people listed above will be right behind me too.

3 months to go!…