People often ask why.

Some people look at me as though I am clinically insane and cannot fathom why I would want to walk anywhere, let alone a marathon a day for 5 months. These people ask why.

Some people are amazed, inspired, jealous, envious…most people who know me aren’t at all surprised and some have suspected the next adventure was bound to happen at some point. These people don’t have to ask why.

The main reason is really simple. I read about the PCT. It burned away as an idea. I told some friends about it. They said I should do it. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Now I’m doing it. (I am actually doing this!!)

But of course there are lots of reasons as to why I want to do this:
because life is too short not to
because it is there
to get fit
to get really fit
to lose the weight I have put on in preparation for this
because you never know what tomorrow will bring
to live minimally
to reassess
to break the routine
because I’m bored
because I can
because one day I may not be able to
because not everyone will
because life is for living
because you probably only live once
to see the stars
to see the sunrise and the sunset
to challenge myself
to experience the wild
to survive in the wild
to only need what you can carry
to reflect
to inspire
to be inspired
for the beauty
because walking is the purest form of travel
because there are some places that can only be reached by walking
because I can eat loads of chocolate and not feel bad about it
to get out of my comfort zone
to escape
because there is a trail that goes from Mexico to Canada and I am amazed by this
because I’m a bit scared
to feel free
to feel alive
to meet new people
to make new friends
to raise some money for Cancer Research UK
to be challenged mentally
to become strong mentally
to be challenged physically
to become strong physically
because it’s acceptable to wear the same thing every day
because I love researching and buying hiking gear
because life will change
because I will regret it if I don’t

Ultimately, to the people who ask why I want to do it, I ask – why wouldn’t you want to do it??

7 and a half weeks to go…

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