I didn’t wake up one morning and decide to hike the PCT, I have already done a few adventurous things which have helped me arrive where I am today…here is a little trip down memory lane…

It started from an early age: 

Skiing with my dad in our lovely 80s outfits:

Windsurfing in Lanzarote: 

Exploring on the Isle of Wight: 

Duke of Edinburgh! Bronze, Silver and Gold. (Thanks Yolanda for the photos) :

Trekking, camping and diving in Gozo: 

Three peaks challenge:

Looking ridiculous somewhere on the South Downs: 

Climbing Kilimanjaro: 

Adventures in Africa:

Everest Base Camp:

Bavarian Alps:

Adventures in America:

Thames Path = hiker tan: 

Mountain bagging in the UK:

Loved all the adventures, all the experiences, all the people, all the places…now it’s only 5 weeks until the next one. 


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