One of the most asked questions is: what are you going to eat?! Well…

Things that come in bar form will feature quite heavily, such as these Cliff bars. Big in America. Not so big in the UK because they cost £1.80 per bar! 


There are lots of other makes of bars – however I really don’t like nuts (unless they are peanuts or cashews and they are on their own – nuts should not be mixed with any other food stuff). My choice might be limited. 

Chocolate – of course. Snickers are a big deal on the trail. I don’t like them. Nuts and chocolate – no no no. So it’s going to be twix for me. Plus whoever is willing to send me some Cadburys…

Sweets. Good for when chocolate isn’t, like in the desert. America do sweets well so no problem there. 

Instant mashed potato. This is a hugely popular choice with hikers. Just add water. A hiker friend of mine very kindly brought some back from the US for me to try. I haven’t tried it yet! I have looked at the ingredients though…


Ramen. We call them super noodles. Instant noodles. Lots of different flavours. I can see myself eating a lot of these. 

Couscous. I really like this. It comes in lots of flavours and it great for adding stuff to. Just add water. Leave for 5 minutes and it’s good to go.  


Mountain house (And other brand) meals. Freeze dried food. These are great as you just add hot water to the packet. No mess. However they can be really pricey along the trail. 


Dense breads like tortillas, bagels, chocolate brioche. 

Crisps (chips). Cheetos, Doritos, Fritos…

Beef jerky. I have never eaten it but there is no reason I wouldn’t like it. However the thought of eating it doesn’t sit well with me. I bought a packet. I haven’t tried it yet.  


Instant pasta and rice (Knorr sides). They are pretty revolting but edible. They are a bit like this: 


Things to add to water. There are lots of powders, energy powders, electrolyte powders, vitamin and nutritional powders. I will use these to make questionable water taste better. 


Treats from home. I have stared to collect a few things to take with me to post to Kennedy Meadows (700 miles in). Mostly chocolate, yes, but I have a few other bits – some mountain house meals.  


Pop tarts. Not sure about these. Maybe if I’m really really hungry.  


Towns. Warner springs (mile 109) will be my first stop. I plan to take a zero, or at least a nero (a day when you rest more than you hike) here. The following photos were put on facebook by Warner Springs Monty to show what this years hikers can expect at the Community Center (run by volunteers during the hiking season!). 


I’m not too worried about the food. I will find something I like. Stick to it. Get sick of it. Find something else… Which is pretty much how I live my life anyway! 

I will not be eating spam. 

So I’m not sure how this happened, but there are only two weeks to go. Two. Weeks!!!!!

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