I don’t know what happened to my belly yesterday but it was swollen – like I have swallowed a ball. It’s not causing me any problems. It’s just solid. 

My first camping night went well, asleep by 9.30 – a little past hiker midnight. I am still figuring a few things out. I used my down jacket for a pillow – not ideal because I dribbled on it. Exploding my whole pack in my tent – not sure how that’s working for me either. 

I ache pretty much everywhere. Even though I carried my pack around in England for a couple of months, I am still bruised. I guess 17kg will do that for you! My feet ache. My knees ache. My back aches. My shoulders ache. I’m looking forward to getting stronger. 

The original aim for today was to reach Mt Laguna. A 23 mile day. All uphill. After yesterday I was pretty sure that wasn’t going to happen! Plus I have to listen to my body and it was saying take it easy. 

The plan wasn’t helped by the fact I started walking the wrong way in the morning and walked an extra mile! Always check the map!! The first 6 miles was ok, the climb was gradual and starting out at 7am means it’s a bit cooler. Before I came here there were stories of how crowed the trail will be, 50 people a day starting. It’s not crowded. I spend about 50% of the day hiking on my own, which I wasn’t expecting, but I’m really enjoying it. Mostly because I know there will be people I will cross paths with on the trail, or a congregation around water sources or shade. I am doubtful that 50 people are starting each day. 


There were a group of us eating an early lunch I met Will from Muswell Hill! I ate instant taco flavoured rice at about 11am – something only a hiker can do. I had phone signal for the first time and touched in with home, put a photo on facebook bragging about how I have no blisters (only to get one on the end of my little toe a couple of hours later). When I started walking again someone had turned the heat up, no feeling sick or faint this time though so that’s progress. I walked with Will and his mate for about 10 minutes before they sped off and I was by myself for a couple of hours until Kat caught me up and we decided to stop at a campground at the 12 mile mark. The campground was a .8 mile side trail all downhill. By this time my balls were on fire and I had run out of chocolate. Not a good combination! 


Sitting down was so good and we decided to call it a day here. Let our bodies rest and recover ready for a big 10 mile climb into Mt Laguna tomorrow. 

We are camping with J-Bird who is hiking with his Pop. They are so sweet. 


It’s 20:50, and I’m tucked up in my sleeping bag writing this. Just time to pop a few vitamin I…

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