So apparently I was talking in my sleep last night. JBird though I was having a conversation with someone – I can only apologise! (Trail name hasn’t stuck yet though!) 

We were up while it was still dark. Hiking by 6 expecting another hot day. 10 miles to Mt Laguna. It was mostly in the shade and was freezing and windy. Had to put gloves on. It’s more like the forest than desert!! This thru hiking stuff is unpredictable! (Sarah and Alisdair told me that you will never be prepared, no matter how much planning you do – how right they were!! 3 days in and I’m already half a day behind my schedule, may as well use that on the camp fire!)

Leapfrogged with lots of hikers today. Met bevis and butthead – 2 stoners who just laughed at everything I said! 


I took a break before Mt Laguna and sat and watched the woodpeckers for a while, they peck loads of holes all over the trees and bury their acorns. Hundreds and hundreds of hole – makes you wonder how the trees survive! 


Arrived at mt Laguna went to the outfitter – most amazing shop I’ve ever seen. It’s like aladins cave. Everything a hiker could want and more. Bought a pillow – hopefully this will make me sleep easier. Free soda in hiker box – first bit of trail magic! 



Met ‘hiking the pain away’ – we followed each other’s blogs before the trail. So cool! Like I already know someone. I hope we meet again. And people are recognising me by my gaitors from my Instagram! Ha!


JBird and his Pop, Pop:


Went to the general store to resupply. Limited options and very expensive. Even succumbed to peanut butter. Don’t try and ask where the rubbish bin is, it’s all trash talk over here. 

Lingered there for a while and chatted to other hikers. We picked up Michael and he walked with us for the next 5 miles to the campground. Tough trail, stony, hard on the feet. Must take my shoes off more often! We shared a tent site with some other hikers we hadn’t met yet. One was a son of a nurse and had a lot of knowledge and a good medical kit. He checked out my blister and my heat rash on my ankles and my massive bite on my arm. I’ll live. 


In bed at 20:30 because it’s freezing!!!  I haven’t even got undressed of cleaned my teeth tonight. There was an option of a shower today. I didn’t bother with one. It’s only been like 5 days. I am gross, but not as gross as I thought I’d be! 

60mph winds predicted tonight…

Pictures on Instagram @masonalexandra

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