Day 9 – bodily functions

I slept really well, it’s so nice to be able to stretch out on a bed and move your legs – especially when you weren’t expecting to have a bed for the night! 

So, when you eat 5 hot cows in 4 buns, macaroni salad, 2 bags of crisps, chicken rice, Oreos, a nutrigrain bar, string cheese, and spaghetti in the space of around 36 hours, there is only one thing that’s going to happen. It’s got to come out to make space for more. I woke up needing a poo quite urgently. Great, I’m at a trail Angels and not on the trail, but there is no toilet at this trail Angels house! So I walked a little way down this dirt road and I dug my first cat hole! I was just lucky I could leave my toilet paper in the burnable trash and I didn’t have to carry it with me this time. 

We woke up in a cloud. The people who came in later had to camp outside and they got wet!! Tom and Mom had coffee and pancakes ready for us and then we were all gradually on our way. 


The air was wet and cold so I bundled on my wet weather gear and headed out into the cloud. 



20 minutes later I am above the cloud and I’m sweating so all the wet weather gear has to  come off. 


I walked with Papa Smurf this morning. (A lot of people I meet are in their mid twenties and so far my age has been guessed at between 22(!) – 29. Most people think I’m about 24/25. It’s always nice to give them a shock!) I really needed to pass wind, but he was behind me for 6 miles and I don’t know him that well so I couldn’t exactly just let rip. Keeping it in caused a lot of pain!! It was fun to walk with someone for a change but I was glad to be on my own again so I could parp my way down the trail. 


About 10 miles in I arrived at the water source, left my bag at the trail with some others and walked the .3 or so of a mile down to the water. The source is a hose coming from a big cistern. The water needs to be treated but looks clean and tastes fine. 

After a bit of food (I’m really not eating very well in the day – I’m mostly running on sugar. I can’t find anything that I want to eat yet), I started back on the trail and ran into Devin (jihad) No Trace and Unbreakable (triple crowners in their 50s doing the PCT for the second time! Look at their tiny packs!) and Casey. They say they don’t go fast but they lied about that! I kept up with them though and it was nice to be pushed a bit to go faster. Also nice to have conversations with different people. 


Jihad saw a rattlesnake, which the other 3 had just walked straight past. I took some photos of course and by the time I had to walk past it rattled at me so I let out a little squeal. It doesn’t really sound like a rattle, more like steam escaping. 

We reached the campsite among the boulders and they asked me to carry on with them another 7 miles but after 17 miles my feet were done. 

It was a cool camp area, lots of nooks between the boulders. It says in the guide that there is room for 5 tents, we had about 10 tents there and it was fine. I met kelly again who was the first person I met at scout and frodos, it was lovely to see her. She started 4 days before me so I can’t be going that slow. I think I’m right in the middle, faster than some, slower than others. 


Most of the crew were there, here are the Tits:


It got really cold so everyone retreated to their tents early. Early to bed. Early to rise. Early to the Paradise Cafe! 

I did some foot care in my tent, one has been wet wiped, one hasn’t:



7 thoughts on “Day 9 – bodily functions

  1. are amazing following your every word And pics! better than john Grisham,need to contribute funds,how. Be careful

    Roger and Julia xx. Tias ________________________________


  2. Great blog, Alex. I’ve decided you’re one of the hikers I’m going to follow this year. Lucky you. You should feel privileged.

    Don’t worry about your speed. Particularly early on. Now is the time to build up your stamina without pressing. Too many hikers try too hard early on and end up with injuries. Once you get your hiking legs you’ll be able to put in longer days and you’ll be putting some big miles behind you. Keep it up.


  3. Good to see your mention of Leave No Trace, Unbreakable and Jihad. I ended up sharing a log cabin hostel with them in Idyllwild, and later hiked with Jihad and Mr T. from Donner Pass to Chester, where unfortunately family issues drew him off the trail.

    Stayed in touch with Leave No Trace by text after Kennedy Meadows for the rest of the hike. I ran into him and Unbreakable again (with their new umbrellas) in the Sierras south of VVR where they were hiking south from Donner Pass back to KM at the time. Nice people. Jihad was a sharp young guy with a very analytical mind (quant material) that was looking for a career change after the Army. I hope he is doing well. If I was running a financial firm, managing risk in portfolios, he would be a GREAT hire.


      1. Wow, really? I should text him when I get back to the states. I thought with his analytical skills honed from years of playing proffessional poker he was a natural to end up in the financial world.


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