We had a lie in this morning, got up at 8.30! Leftover pizza in bed for breakfast…

My bag is too heavy so I posted some stuff I wasn’t using to my friends sister in California, at least then it’s still in America and I can get it back if I want it. I went to the supermarket to resupply food, I was feeling a bit miserable walking around as I didn’t want any of the food on offer. Even all the stuff that should be the same as in England tastes different. Skittles, Twix, M&Ms all taste weird. 

I went to pharmacy to get the magic drugs that Papa Smurf gave me only to find out they are prescription only. That pissed me off. All they offered me was ibuprofen. That really pissed me off. 

When I was wondering around my stomach started to feel dodgy – I think I ate too much food too quickly. 
I went back to the cabin and spoke to mum and I cried! No idea why. I just felt emotional. 

“I thought you were having a good time?”

“I’m having a lovely tiiiiiiiiiiime!”

“I thought you had met some nice people?”

“I haaaaaaaaave!” 

“Then why are you crying?” 

“I have no ideeeeeeeeea”

I felt bad for worrying mum but I was fine. Just tired and emotional. Had planned to call dad but I would just cry again (sorry dad I didn’t call you). I had loads of nice messages from home and nice messages about my blog. So of course I cried some more. 
Roxanne and I hung out at Rowans place for the afternoon while he soaked his feet in the bin. 

Town days are weird. You have loads to do and then you have nothing to do. We went for Mexican food – 99 cent tacos!! Then cocktails and card games. 


On the way back I heard another shout across the street – “Alex!” It was James (Limey) who I met in Scotland. So cool! I though he was so far ahead I wouldn’t see him but he was on his way back to kick off. I feel so popular in this town! You start to recognise people by their puffy coats, mine is pretty distinctive – no one else has a coat quite as puffy and no one has heard of berghaus of course! 

We went to Rowans to watch a dvd. Little Miss Sunshine, just about managed to keep the emotion in! 

We have that Sunday evening feeling like we are going to work the next day! 
I read that towns can really suck you in – that’s so true, especially beautiful little towns like Idyllwild. How tempting it was to stay another day! 
But no, we have a big climb tomorrow…

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