Day 16 – nature calls

It was cold on the top of that mountain!! I did not want to get out of my bag but I was forced out because I had to release the hostages. Urgently. 

I ended up setting off around 7am and I leapfrogged with the Tits again for most of the day.


I felt really nauseous all morning. I found the uphill really arduous. I am glad to be walking on my own as I’ve got a lots of toxic gasses going on this morning. (This is the reality people!). 

A guy called Stinger passed me, he is pretty cool, he is at the start of his second triple crown. His second triple crown. 

The trail goes past some cages that have animals such as lions, tigers and bears in which are used for Hollywood movies. It was a pretty sad experience. It was eerily quiet and the animals had no shade. No photos in protest. 

The Tits went up to a campground a couple of miles in to find a toilet at the start of the day and I carried on. When they caught up with me they said there was a load of trail magic up there and they packed out a a beer for me!! So nice of them! 


I wasn’t paying attention at one point so missed a turning and ended up going cross country to get back on the path. I had a minor panic. But I got back on track pretty quickly. 
We had double trail magic today…a water cache maintained by papa smurf (the original one), and a sofa bed and crate of goodies maintained by the Big Bear Hostel. The sodas had all gone but I had a lolly and drank my beer and chilled with Ranger and BubaGump. 


And then something terrible happened, I had to have a second nature poo. Which was fine, but I probably picked the hottest spot I could find. 

I am completely craving salty snacks – of which I have none. I saw Wet Dog with a can of Pringles a couple of days ago and I’ve been thinking about them ever since. I can picture them in front of me, like a carrot on a stick. 
The terrain was quite gentle today not so much up and down, but really stony which is slow going and hard to walk on, I rolled my ankles loads – it gets worse as you get more tired.  


The morning was quite cool but buy the afternoon it got super hot and the trail had most definitely spat you back out into the desert. The scattering lizards were back and I was on high alert for snakes. 

I got to 19 miles and camped on a dirt road with a spectacular view. I was thinking it might be the first time I had to camp on my own but Roxanne made it to the agreed place, yeay! It’s so nice to get to camp early and have time to cook and eat leisurely. 

I had time to have a little foot inspection, they are pretty filthy, and the blister on my heel has turned into a callous…which is a good thing!


We had a beautiful sunset and got into our tents early. Tomorrow promises those Pringles. Dollar tacos. Laundry. Shower. Bed. Food resupply. Eating. Lots of eating.   

Ps. No hip pain. I think me and my hippy have come to an agreement. I’m going to carry on walking and hippy is not going to hurt. I like this arrangement. I hope he doesn’t break the bond. 


One thought on “Day 16 – nature calls

  1. Well Puff Puff, this is the day I must have walked right past you. I am racking my brain, and looking at my pictures to see if any evidence of you shows up. I might have to consult some maps to see where you might have been camped, as I do recall a gravel road or two. I also recall seeing some tents.

    Could this have been you?

    I had originally planned to camp short of highway 18, but about noonish after stopping to call my wife on Skype back in New Zealand, (had good reception under the Cell Towers on Onyx Peak), I realized if I turned on the after burners I could get to the highway and hopefully hitch to Big Bear by dark.

    Somewhere along here, I must have flown by your campsite, head down and trucking! Made it. 27 miles, and a late check-in to Big Bear Hostel.


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