Day 23 – Wrightwood 

We always plan to lie in on a rest day but no, everyone is up early, so we went to breakfast. Why do Americans always serve a random bit of fruit with their breakfast? I also tried biscuits and gravy – wrong on so many levels. 

Time for chores – I had loads of food left over from my last resupply where I went to the supermarket and just put a load of random stuff in my basket, so this time I sorted my food and made a list so I spent a lot less money this time. This was the worst thing I could find in the supermarket…

There isn’t much to write about today as I spent most of the day updating my blog and phoning my parents. 

Other people came in during the afternoon Kat and Cuban, Cool Breeze, Marathon John, JBird, a few others. 

We went to a Mexican restaurant for Cinco de Mayo and had margaritas. 


Then we went to bed. Tomorrow we get back on the trail after a nice rest. 

I have received so many lovely messages from my friends, my family and lots of strangers through my blog, Instagram, Facebook, text and email. I absolutely love getting messages from people. I don’t always get the chance to reply, but I read all of your messages when I get service and they are often just the boost I need. Keeping the blog updated is a big mental challenge as I write about my day every night in my tent and sometimes I am ready to just go to sleep! So the encouragement is very welcome. 
Thank you to the kind stranger who donated to Cancer Research, thank you Aly. 


9 thoughts on “Day 23 – Wrightwood 

  1. Hey neighbour, finally I can follow you as my wifi was down for 3 weeks! Pigs feet???? Yuk! Now that’s an adventure to eat I guess! I will start reading ur blog from day 1 onwards! Take good care of yourself and enjoy!! Happy walking!!!! Hidde

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  2. Hey Alex, whisked thru ur blog! Absolutely amazing!!!! And ur pics are fantastic!!! Really enjoying this! Happy walking!!!!


  3. You didn’t like biscuits and gravy? Darn. I thought I would never have them again when I went veggie but the even make vegan versions now. I can’t do the vegan thing but…. maybe it’s because I’m originally from the south. Hope your next stay over you find food you love.


  4. Oh, so on your zero day in Wrightwood is where I passed you and continued on the Manzanita alternate route past Baden-Powell peak and the road walk.

    I would recommend that route/trail again for others not wanting a Big climb so soon after that long dry climb to Inspirational Point, or don’t want to do a road walk around the ‘endangered species’ closed section.

    Nice comfortable trail in some good shade. Didn’t meet one other hiker until I camped at Cruther’s Creek that night. On the downside, the trail does descend a long ways down (easy grade) on the north side of the mountains almost to the high desert before ascending the next day up to those multiple crossing of Angel’s Crest Highway.

    I see from your picture, that you had met Cool Breeze by now in Wrightwood (if not before.) Gosh he was a strong hiker. I could only keep up with him at his forbearance, as his normal pace was so much faster than mine. I learned NOT to try. 🙂 It was foolish for an old fart like me to try to keep up with the youngsters. I could do it for a while, but it increased my risk of straining something or having an injury, so usually fell back to my own comfortable pace which served me well. If I couldn’t keep up the speed, I tried to maintain the distance by endurance- just walk a little longer!.

    Never met ‘Horsing Around’, but did meet her husband who was moving the horse float around as support for her 2 horse adventure. I thought at the time, that we humans were really doing better than the horses, as they were only doing about 15 miles a day, and had to carry 10 gallons of water on one support horse to get through these very dry sections.

    Here is where they stopped for the night, at a turnout on East Blue Ridge Road just short of Inspiration Point


  5. Many years ago, my father worked for a meat packing co, and would bring home pickled pigs feet. Dad ate them, so I ate them. I was about 5. They have lost their attraction. I don’t understand the aversion to biscuits and gravy. Love the dish.

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