Day 26 – snow in Southern California  

We got breakfast in the red roof inn and debated for a while if the weather was going to be good enough to go back out to the mountains. 

We decided to go back to the trail while Chronicler decided to stay in Palmdale another day. We got a taxi back to the trail head as we thought it would be easier than hitching and as there were 5 of us it wasn’t a bad deal. 

We got dropped off back at the fire station and we saw the mountains we were in yesterday covered in snow!

Half an hour in to the walk we found an abandoned tent, it was a bit worrying, but there was no other stuff with it so we are assuming that the person who abandoned it is ok. Cool breeze decided to updating his ‘vlog’. 

I had a bit of a moment this morning when I realised I was walking with the Swiss boys – who were actually in the Swiss army, Cool Breeze who has legs at least twice the size of mine, who is also ex-military, and Growler who is the fastest girl I know – she runs the downs and runs the ups. And here I am trying to keep up with all these people. It’s ridiculous! 

We spent most of the day walking through snow and poodle death bush. My feet were soggy and squelching. I’m pleased I have a decent set of waterproofs as they keep the wind out and keep me warm as well as dry and I didn’t take them off all day.  


I heard word from the others around 3pm and they had a snowy and cold night but they are all fine. Roxanne tried to cook in her tent and burnt a hole in it! And this is one of my friends tents after she spent the night on the mountain…

We walked and walked, up and down up and down. I only took my pack off twice all day. Once to pee and once to eat Cheetos. 

We walked and walked some more, made easier by laughing and joking with Cool Breeze and Growler, until we had walked almost 27 miles the the Acton camp ground. 

At first we thought we had run into a new bubble of people and we didn’t know anyone, it was kind of strange, but there were a few people I knew – Jesse, Goatsy, Julian, Alison The Untraceables and I met some new people! I heard ‘Alex, is that you?’ (I love it every time it happens, and it seems to happen a lot!) it was a guy (wildebeest) from scout and frodos who started the same day as me and I haven’t seen since. He recognised me by my voice!! Embarrassing! 

I had a soda as a number one priority and we had dinner. Some people ordered pizza and we got given some – always a good to sit with people who have pizza! 

We planned showers and laundry for tomorrow. Then we got in the hot tub which was as amazing as it sounds. We were supposed to be out at 9 but a man called Rex let us stay in until half past and he cranked up the heat. I encounter lovely people every day.  

I’m not sure if it was just because it was a Friday night but it was the noisiest camp ground ever. There were approximately one million kids there who were screaming and shouting until around 11pm (that’s 2 hours past hiker midnight!). We were also next to a busy road, and we had trains passing through. But we aren’t getting up early tomorrow… 


3 thoughts on “Day 26 – snow in Southern California  

  1. Am I ever happy I was doing a Zero Day in Palmdale! Just went through my pics to look back south at the clouds which had covered the tops of the mountains. I figured it must be rough up there, as it was still very windy and cool in Palmdale. Reading your blog now, confirms what I thought it must be!

    I really have to chuckle at this comment of yours…

    …..”And here I am trying to keep up with all these people. It’s ridiculous! ”

    I know the feeling having walked with Swiss Army and Cool Breeze. ( I had met Growler, but never walked with her, but can imagine she was fast too.) You are one brave gal to try to keep up with them, plus head back up into these snowy conditions. But having read your most recent Mera blog I know you are one tough cookie!

    Seeing that green tent abandoned, I do wonder if it belonged to the girl who I had met going up, as I was descending to Acton. I remember thinking that her pack, her clothes and sleeping bag were all nice REI green color coordinated. I was hoping she didn’t get in trouble.

    It must have been a rough night on the mountain, and you did well hitch hiking down as you did. I heard about a couple PCT hikers that spent the night in the drop toilet at Messenger Flats, and 2 girls that slept in “Horsing Around’s” horse ‘float’ Do they call it that in the states, or is that an AU/NZ/BRIT term? Horse trailer is probably what Americans know.

    PS…. looking back at the stats I kept, I see the 1/2 mile App says it was 25.68 miles from Mill Creek Fire Station to Acton KOA. MapMyHike, my GPS App only recorded 24.51. Usually both were pretty damn close. I wondered about the discrepancy. The trail coming down wound around, up and down, a lot. Coming to the end, it seemed to often divert to the longest route possible to get to a place that seemed but a short distance, ‘as the crow flies’, away I did wonder if the PCT trail contractor got paid by the mile, and so extended it more than seemed necessary. Did it feel that way too you, or was I just too anxious to get out of the hail and rain at the time? Probably the later.


    1. We call it a ‘horse box’! The was Poka and Raddish – they said it was freezing!

      A guy I met in Washington described it perfectly- “I think they gave a 7 year old a soda, a crayon and a map and that’s how they made the PCT.”


      1. Poka and Raddish. That’s right. Now I remember. I never got a picture of them together, but I think I met one of somewhere just beyond Deep Creek. Is this one or is my memory really failing me?

        In NZ, it is a horse float. We have friends that are really into horses and horse shows, so hear them use the term alot.

        Good description of the PCT engineering 🙂


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