Day 29 – detour

We were up and packed up at our normal time, around 6.30, but of course all the old folk were up much earlier so they got the first lift back to the trailhead. 


We hung around but we didn’t even know know if Terrie Anderson was coming back, so at 8:30 we started walking to the store to maybe try and get a hitch (just as the portaloos were getting emptied!). We get to the store and Terrie pulls up, so we pile in our packs and we get taken back to the trail with Jesse and Alison.  

Due to a fire the next part of the PCT is closed, and has been for some time I think, so there is a 12 mile road walk around it before you can get back on the trail. I did the first 6 miles with Growler, Cool Breeze and Alison – I haven’t hiked with Alison yet, I met her at Scout and Frodos and she started a couple of days before me so it was really nice to catch up with her.


Road miles seem to take a lot longer than trail miles. We stopped half way at the gas station and I loaded up on soda, icecream and Pringles – the staples. We sat outside the gas station on the ground and ate most of it. 

We carried on another 6 miles of never ending road. I was going quick because I just wanted it to be over, and I caught up with Jesse. He was talking to a man with the cutest and most scared dog. 


We took the side trail to get back on the pct which was really steep with approximately 1 million bugs. 

The PCT is really beautiful in this section, some people road walk all the way to hiker town and miss this section which is a shame.  Although the path is a little slanty so it’s murder on your ankles!


We got to the campground and cooked dinner and we spoke about reaching the 500 mile mark tomorrow. I got over excited and I spilt my just boiled water all over growler – all over her sun burn which I felt so so bad about. I didn’t want to cook anything else so I had string cheese dipped in bacon bits. Nutritious and delicious. 


Alison and Recon arrived at camp too and we we went on a hunt for water but we couldn’t find any. We all had a tiny bit left so we had to make it last until 6 miles into the next day. 


Despite wearing triple puff I was cold so we retired to our tents after a 19 mile day. We have an early start as tomorrow is planned to be a big day…



6 thoughts on “Day 29 – detour

  1. I see that Cyprus and Oak who I met the day before were with you at Casa de Luna, along with Hawkeye and Tangles who I only met on the very last day of my PCT hike finishing the last 17 miles from High Bridge to Rainy pass. This was after I had already hiked Rainy to Manning where I had ran into you again.

    Hawkeye and Tangles were moving from Texas to Bremerton with the PCT hike part of the interlude between relocation, (last I heard they had bought a place), and Cyprus and Oaks had to quit at Snoqualmie Pass In Washington state due to a bad case of cellulitis that Oak developed. This was somewhere around August 25th, and they still had the Sierras to do which they had skipped. I know this incompletion was a big disappointment for them.

    They had bought a condo in YVR sometime during their PCT adventure and maybe will get back on the trail again this year to finish it. I should text them when I get back to the States.

    I had ran into them again at Mt Hood, where they picked me up as I was hitching from Government Camp back to the Timberline Lodge trail head at 6a. I was on a big push to be to Cascade locks the next day to meet my wife and friends from New Zealand. Their fortuitous ride kept me on pace.

    A question about a couple faces I see in your group picture who I had also met but can not remember the names…

    One is this girl who I first met with her hiking partner Aunt Jemima on the endangered species alternate trail. They were both camped at Cruther’s Creek when I arrived late on May 5th. They later had camped near me on a ridge about 1 mile or so short of Bear Springs between Auqa Dulce and the Andersons on the night of the 9th . I last saw her alone at Kelso Valley Road where the Root Beer Lady was picking up Eeyore and dropping off goodies for me and the Swiss Army.

    Who is she? Never saw her or Aunt Jemima again.

    See next posting for the next one I am curious about,


    1. I think the girls name was Lizzie but I don’t know if she got a trail name. Don’t think I saw them after KM. don’t know if they made it.
      The guy is Recon (John) we camped with him a couple of times. He made it.


  2. Who is this guy who I think is the same as I see in your picture….?

    I had met him on my long 32 mile day hike heading to Mill Creek Fire Station on May 6th. I passed him in this relaxed position. And while he followed me he did not catch up, so assumed he stopped somewhere on the last climb before you descend to Mill Creek. Your paths might have crossed on the 7th.


  3. BTW. this evening I, and Swiss Army about an hour later, arrived at Hiker Town. 31.32 miles This was the next to last time I would beat them anywhere. (Walker pass was the last time.) After this, no matter how early I started, they politely tolerated me following them into camp at the end of the day! They always caught up with me so easily. LOL


  4. I think the girls name was Lizzie, but I don’t know if she got a trail name. Don’t know if they made it or not.
    And the guy was called Recon (John). We camped with him a couple of times. He made it.


    1. Lizzie sounds right, and now I remember it was ReCon. I think this is him showing me his food supply and feeding strategy. It served him well if he made it!

      I think this is him without the golden down jacket…


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