It was so so windy last night. Possibly the windiest place in California! The tents were flapping around all night so we got little sleep. We packed up and hiked the .5 mile to the water source where a few people were camped – it would have been so much better. Ah well. 

We got water and moved on. 

It was a weird temperature today, muggy, which I wasn’t expecting. It’s supposed to be the hottest part of the PCT here! We leapfrogged with Ze Germans and Space Kitty and Goulet for most of the day. I didn’t take many photos today as I was on the struggle bus. Luckily for me, so we’re my crew and half the other people we encountered that day. The bus was full. 

After 10 miles we had a nap under a tree. Then the afternoon just got worse. I couldn’t move my legs. I felt sick. If I walked any slower and I would have been going backwards. I was sweating more than ever and it wasn’t even hot. I was drinking more than I had in weeks. 


The next 10 miles was also a struggle, but getting to 600 miles was exciting. 

We finally got to the days water source and decided to camp there instead of going the planned 2 more miles, I was so happy. I made a delicious dinner of crunchy rice with cheese and bacon bits. 

Hopefully tonight will be less windy…