We woke up to breakfast burritos made by TwinkleToes – double trail magic! 

Started the day with the first of 2 big climbs, with over 7000ft of climbing today I was of course dreading it! It was long but it wasn’t so bad. 


I met growler half way up and we stopped for a little rest. After half an hour she was covered in ants, I also had one on me. I helped her brush them off after I had stopped laughing. 

At the top (well it wasn’t really the top – so often we do a huge climb only to start descending before we reach the actual top!) we met Bangarang, I’m allowed to call him Bang now I’ve known him longer than a week.   Then we went all the way down again. 

We stopped at the water source, the morning had been a fairly pleasant temperature so far, but the desert just got really hot – someone turned up the heat! 

On the way down we reached the quarter mile mark, I almost walked right past it! I can’t believe we have completed a quarter of the trail already!! It’s going so quickly, and yet Campo seems so long ago. 

We reached another water source 5 miles on and we had a little water filtering gathering at the mosquito infested stream with The Untraceables Foot Hawk and Skunk Ape. I got bitten around 8 times. Then we started our second climb, 2600ft at 5:30pm! 


Up and up and up. I went slowly but got there about 5 minutes after it got dark to make a 26 mile day. A very long 26 mile day.  


Cool Breeze set up his 2 man tent and all 3 of us piled in and collapsed, ready for another 26 mile day tomorrow…   

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Adventure with purpose.

785 million people globally don't have access to clean water. That's 1 in 10 people. In 2020 this is not ok.

I fundraise for Just a Drop in the hope that if I walk thousands of miles for clean water then the people who need to won’t have to. Find out more


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