We were going to hike out this morning and we decided to go to Grumpy Bears for breakfast. The other 50 or so hikers at Kennedy Meadows had the same idea. 


We stood around the parking area for around an hour before we piled into the back of trucks and all descended at once. The place got a little overwhelmed and we waited 3.5 hours for breakfast…


I was sat with cool breeze, Dana, Hops, Aunt Jemima, Bangarang, Growler, Jesse, Holden and Claw Hammer. We played games – cards, charades, what where you doing 10 years ago (which threw up some interesting revalations – who was the live body art performer?!). We were all getting pretty hangry but it was also a really nice relaxing morning.

We walked back to store and had sodas and crisps, we had made our decision and we were going to hike out that afternoon. Before we went Bangarang helped to fix growlers sleep pad. They found 4 holes, hopefully this will take her out of deflation station and put her right back in inflation station…


We eventually hiked out to cheers from the deck (people get cheered in and out, so cheesy but so nice!). 

We made the 2 mile road walk and then 2.5 miles down the trail and we ran into some trail magic – chicken and cheese sandwiches and a cuddle from a cute puppy. 

We managed another 2.5 miles, crossed the river and hiked up the hill a bit to camp so we weren’t right next to the water, a huge 5 mile day on the PCT! At least we are out of the Kennedy Meadows vortex.

We need to put in some miles tomorrow…

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