day 40 – and relax 

We were up early to make full use of the breakfast buffet, then we went to REI (an outdoor store). It wasn’t open so we went to the drugstore and bought ice cream to have for a second breakfast. We spent a lot of time in REI, Growler got new shoes, Cool Breeze got a new tent and I wanted to buy everything I didn’t need – there are so many things you think you need in this store – but I was good and left with nothing. 

We headed back to the hotel and packed up our stuff ready to make the drive back to Kennedy Meadows. We got pizza on the way – $5.55 for a huge pizza, gotta love ‘merica!

I had a snooze in the car, so did Growler…

I was lucky this year and I was able to be a part of the Bear canister loaner program, so I picked up the bear canister from Grumpy Bears – I already dislike it. It’s heavy and difficult to open. After Cool Breeze said cheerio to his mumma we went to mingle with the other hikers… 

There was so much speculation – talk of a hiker that had died on Forrester Pass, then it wasn’t forester pass it was a different pass. Was it a through hiker? Was it a day hiker? Was it anyone at all? There is no phone service and no internet up here so no one knows. It’s all hearsay, and the rumours are different every time you talk to someone! The rumours of snow are that it’s a light dusting to it’s 6ft deep. There is talk of an impending 4 day storm. Do we hike out? Do we wait in Kennedy meadows? Do we skip and go southbound? Do we go to Lone Pine? 

We sat and chatted with everyone, had some more sodas – got to get a fix while I can! My bag is exceptionally heavy with the bear canister and all the food! 

Kennedy meadows is one of my favourite places so far, it has a really relaxed vibe (if you ignore all the snow talk) and you really feel like you are at an oasis in the middle of nowhere. The end of the desert, the start of something new. If I wasn’t wanting to stay with my friends I could easily stay here for a couple of days, although my bank balance wouldn’t like it much. 

Tomorrow we go for breakfast at grumpy bears and go over the pros and cons of hiking, again…


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