Day 44 – a huge day

Last night was freezing, everything had a layer of frost on so we had a bit of a later start than normal as we let all our stuff dry out. 


We had another long, slow climb to get up to 11500ft this morning, I saw Growler near the top having a break – we are really starting to feel the hunger now – and Cool Breeze came by, I moved on before them as I know how much slower than them I am, plus I had to keep stopping to take all these pictures…


After the long ascent came the long descent, losing everything we had gained that morning. I was expecting them both to pass me (Bangarang was way ahead all day) but I got all the way down to the river and waited for them for about half an hour (not so slow after all!). I had my dinner by our first ‘major’ river crossing which I waded through in my camp shoes, Cool Breeze came along and just hopped over the stones!


We all had our dinner early as we had a second major climb before getting to camp which was steep but it turned out to be not as bad as I was expecting. It was likely that we would get to camp as it was getting dark, we wanted to make the miles so we could climb Mt Whitney tomorrow. 


We ended up doing a 28 mile day through the Seirra (ridiculous), more than 12 hours of continuous walking, we just about made it before it got dark!

Oh, and I saw my first decent sized creature – it’s a Marmot…


Tomorrow it’s the big one…


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