Day 47 – Kearsarge pass

We got an early start today so we could try and make it over Kearsarge pass and into Independence before the post office closed. 


The up was long and difficult (unsurprisingly!). It was so steep. The last couple of days had taken all my energy and I was physically and mentally exhausted. The pct and the john muir trail are one here and it’s much steeper. 
We got to the junction of the trail and Kearsarge pass. More up. Steep up but beautifully stunning scenery. 


Finally at the top it was a long haul down. All I could think about was we have to go back up this. We amused ourselves by talking about – yep, food. Trying to explain a Yorkshire Pudding to an American is surprisingly difficult! 


We got cell service and we found out that Growler and Bangarang had turned back down the trail and had hitched into Lone Pine, I hope her eyes are ok.  

We finally got to the bottom of the trail after a 10 mile day and found a hitch to take us to Independence and to the post office. My poor face: 

We met Catwater there which was a nice surprise and then met Bangarang and Growler. We tried to get a hitch back to Lone Pine (as there is nothing in Independence) but nothing! 

We got the last mountain bus which was lucky and pretty cool as there was no one else on it and he was blasting out the theme tune from Jurassic park! He took us right to the door of the hotel  

We did all the usual town stuff. Ate until we felt sick, did our laundry and soaked in the hot tub! 


Tomorrow we get back on the trail?…


12 thoughts on “Day 47 – Kearsarge pass

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous – your pictures I mean. Especially your first one of East Vidette, and your second two of Bullfrog Lake. Soak it all in, absorb it into your pores, and let those mountains become part of your essence. And remember during the quieter times of southern Oregon you’ll look back on these harrowing days and wish you were back here again. Sincerely, Tartan PCT 2014


  2. I just found your blog via FB! Hiked Kearsarge a few years ago and over Glen Pass . . . beautiful area! Keep safe and I’m looking forward to keeping tabs of your travels!


  3. Stop doing this please before I quit my job! Thanks for the excellent writing and photos. You got you some guts girl!


  4. Great blog love reading and seeing all these amazing places. Me and my stepson are leaving next wednesday to do the PCT from Bucks lake to Belden only a one nighter but if things go well we deff want to attempt the 40 miles from sierra city to bucks lake. You have also inspired my family to want to go make trail magic at the various stops around are home. Thank you for sharing.


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