Lone pine is hot. Too hot to sleep. The room was so hot and the only way to cool it down was to open the window and let in more hot air. 

We went for a big breakfast at a cafe, although mine was not as big as Cool Breeze’s. 


Most of the morning was spent updating the blog, grocery shopping, ice cream eating, swimming in the pool, chatting to other hikers. 


Huge pulled pork burger for lunch. So much. Food. 

Tortoise was offering hikers lifts to trail heads in his car as he is getting off the trail for a bit to go to a wedding. It was so nice of him to take us and he spent nearly all day ferrying around hikers. 

We got taken to the onion valley trail head where we camped and packed out a feast of hot dogs and s’mores to cook in the fire pit. So we technically took a zero today but we are back out here ready to walk back over Kearsarge pass in the morning to get back to the pct.