It was so cosy last night, even a bit too warm, and no condensation at all, I wish every night was like that! We packed out eggs and bacon for the morning to cook on the fire, which Cool Breeze and Bangarang did a great job of! 

We walked back up Kearsarge pass, the memory of coming down that pass still fresh in my mind! Lots of long switchbacks but quite a gentle grade. I talked to loads of people today, I saw Stinger, he recognised me by my hat and remembered when he last saw me – mile 240 something – a long time ago! I walked with some day hikers for a bit and I was peppered with questions about my shoes and Wild.


Then we went back down the other side. Cool breeze finally caught up with me (because he left much later than me, not because I was quick in any way). He had seen the Swiss army! One of them hurt his leg going down Forrester pass on a rock – that could have so easily been me – so they had taken 4 days off the trail in Bishop. Also, Bangarang has left the trail. He is missing home and decided it’s enough for him this year. I’m sad to see him go and that I didn’t get to say farewell. 

We found Growler near where the trail joins the PCT again, 7.5 miles already but no PCT miles yet! 

Next was Glen pass, a climb for a couple of miles and an elevation gain of 2500ft up to the pass, snow free but wet where the snow is melting. 


We lingered at the top for a while and the Swiss Army arrived. We hiked down with them in the snow, the trail was covered but the snow wasn’t as deep as it was on Forrester pass so it was a little easier. Although I fell over on the rocks a couple of times, cut my hand up and after that was a bit shakey and we still post holed a bit.  


This is what we descended: 

Growler lost her shoe in the snow – once I stopped laughing I went to help her retrieve it. My legs were freezing, my feet cold and wet and my shoes were squelching. 


We walked through Rae lakes which was beautiful, and we came to a camp site where lots of other people were staying – the Swiss army and a bunch of people I had never met before. 


I collected water from the lake, cooked my rice side and went to bed. A 15 mile day – the Sierra is difficult!! 

Tomorrow brings another day and another pass…