We were packed up and at the restaurant at 6am when it opened where we had a good breakfast of bacon, eggs (over easy, so many choices here in ‘merica) and hash browns to set us up for the day. Went to the store and bought a few extra bit to supplement my food and threw away the Knorr rice sides – just the thought of them makes me feel sick. It’s a good job we came here, I would have run out of chocolate otherwise and that would have been a total disaster. 

We were stood on the porch trying to look like we needed a ride and a man came up and said I’ve only got room for one – and not your pack. But there was no one else around and he really wanted to help us out so we squeezed our packs in the back of his truck and we shared the front seat! He took us to the trailhead and we found out that he has hiked sections of the PCT previously but a knee injury had prevented him doing anymore. So, he had decided to come up to Senora pass to do trail magic. That’s what all the stuff was in his truck – so much stuff. I forgot to take photos because I had cell service and I was fully into contacting home, but he had coolers FULL of beers and sodas, fresh fruit, chips, toiletries….so much stuff! We got given a camp chair each and we sat in the sun drinking our soda not wanting to move. 

We eventually set of at 9am – a late start for us considering how early we got up but it was all worth it!  


I always think that a big breakfast is going to help me hike but it just slows me down! The morning was a bit of a struggle – too hot still. 

After our first ascent naturally comes the descent and we had to got through patches of snow. It was quite difficult to distinguish the trail. I am totally over the snow now but luckily it didn’t last for too long. 

We had a little break after the snow and I hiked on while Growler stayed and rested a while because of some stomach issues. We made plans so we didn’t have another disaster like a few days ago!
The day was full of gradual ups and downs and I actually found a bit of a stride. I was dipping my buff in every stream, then I started wetting my sleeves to keep cool. It was working, but it was still ever so hot. 

Then I had a disaster – I slipped on a rock crossing a stream and ended up sat in it. Feet soaked. Legs soaked. Bum soaked. Almost impossible to get up because of my pack but I somehow managed to get up and made it to the other side. I tried to look casual as Hops came over the hill, he walked through the stream and slipped in the same place I did but managed to remain upright. We had a chat while I tried to pretend I hadn’t just fallen in the water – to be honest I’m surprised it hadn’t happened sooner! At least I was cool for the afternoon! 

He said that growler was about half a mile behind so I carried on expecting her to catch up. Beautiful scenery and noticeably changing landscape. Lots more lava. And the mosquitoes weren’t actually too bad today! 


I was walking along having a lovely time. I was approaching a stream, thinking about dunking my buff again and having a little sing to myself when I realised Hops was sat on a rock about 2 feet away from me – he gave me the fright of my life! 


I carried on and reached the planned camp area. The hour leading up to it the mosquitoes were out in full force. I think they bite me so much because they either like my fine English blood or it’s because I smell like a swamp. But I was lucky and there were only a few in the camp area. I arrived at 6:30pm so plenty of time to eat and set up before the sun sets. My feet were sore from being wet all day – I couldn’t even change my socks because the dry ones hanging on my pack got dunked in the river when I fell in! 


I had the most amazing dinner…



An hour later Growler arrived – so happy to see her! I felt good after 20 miles today – sore, my knees hurt and my thigh where I walked into the tree hurts every time I lift my leg – but I feel like getting to town is achievable now. Only 3 more days. 

I also had a bit of contact with home today so I could read some of the lovely messages people have been sending which always gives me a boost. I sat and read my friend Jane’s email about her wedding – it made me laugh and cry! (Note to all friends and strangers – send more messages!) 

I was in my tent by 8pm. I love lying down. 

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