I had such a good nights sleep, it was so peaceful and completely still, compared to the night before when it was so windy. I was so cosy I didn’t want to get up. I heard ladies man get up and leave really early. I didn’t leave until nearly 8pm! 

We had great views of Lake Tahoe today, the morning was so beautiful. We walked through ski areas and passed black ski runs, it’s hard to think of these areas covered in snow and people skiing! We had a bit of a climb up to the ski lifts which was tough. Hot and humid. The plants smelt really strong, some of them smell really nice, some of them smell really horrible. I felt nauseous on the way up and it wasslow going. 



We got there and then we had to go down just to go back up again! Another uphill in the humid heat to Tinker Knob, the top of Tinker Knob isn’t on the PCT but it’s just a short rock scramble to the top to get some great views. 

We bumped into a couple of day hikers. They suggested we send a thank you card to Reese Witherspoon. That was when I had to remove myself from the conversation and let Growler continue being polite!!

They did however tell us about a hut we could stay in a couple of miles down the trail. We carried on and I walked past the turning so had to walk back again. We climbed a steep slope to Benson hut which was so cool! We stayed here the night and slept in the sleeping loft and watched the sun set through the window. 



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