Day 69 – Tahoe

Now the Motel 6 is not a patch on the Besty Westy! It’s pretty noisy. Although I had a shower last night I still wasn’t clean so after I had gone to buy some shampoo and conditioner for my hair, and spent half an hour removing the dreadlocks, I finally felt squeaky clean. We got our stinky laundry done early this morning and I bumped into Marathon John as he was leaving town to get back on the trail. 

The morning was spent doing chores. Eating, going to the supermarket, buying a new hat – well a visor, much cooler, and posting the bear canister back. Bye bye bear canister!!
Unfortunately the supermarket and post office are at opposite ends of town and by 1pm I had walked further than that 6 mile day on the trail! 

ALL afternoon was spent sat by the pool updating the blog, getting covered in a fine yellow dust from the pollen that’s invading town. 

For dinner we went to Fasta Pasta, recommended by another hiker. It was pretty good and I got to play some Super Mario while we waited for our food, which we took back to the Motel and ate in bed!!

Tomorrow we are back on the trail…


One thought on “Day 69 – Tahoe

  1. Oh, no you didn’t have dinner at the Chinese restaurant next to the Motel 6, did you?

    Best breakfast in SLT is at The Red Hut. It’s a must have when in town.


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