Day 75 – all about food

Even though I was completely exhausted and I was in a comfy bed I couldn’t sleep. I remember seeing 1:10am, maybe I went to sleep after that. I was naturally awake early, but it was ok because I didn’t have to hike anywhere today. I got my laundry done and hung out in one of Al’s (Cool Breeze’s step Dad) t-shirts, and I had waffles, bacon and eggs made for me for breakfast! It was lovely, although I still don’t understand why here in ‘merica they like to mix their sweet and savoury breakfast items. 

We went to the supermarket to buy supplies for the next section and to post on to the next two. I find this way too hard to think about! I also really don’t like the food I have to eat. So I did a pretty terrible job of preparing for the next sections but I’m sure something will work out! 
I got made a smoked salmon sandwich for lunch (there’s a theme to the day here!) and Cool Breeze and I packed up our boxes. See how much bigger his is than mine! 

We went to the post office and got an Oreo milkshake on the way back. We chilled out in the shade with Mumma Cool Breeze and Al for the afternoon. It’s so so hot, about 97 degrees! I got cooked spaghetti and prawns and broccoli (I love broccoli) for dinner. 


Altogether a pretty good day! And I have walked a grand total of 1.3 miles – this is what a rest day is all about! Cool Breeze and I tried to make a plan about when we were going to hike out. The plan we came up with was to make a plan tomorrow. It’s too hot to think. 

I made contact with Growler and she made it to Sierra City today. I thought she may want to come to the RV park but she said she was camping at the trailhead this evening and hiking out early tomorrow morning. Hopefully we can catch her up down the trail…


2 thoughts on “Day 75 – all about food

  1. Alex, I am loving your blog! I get so excited when new posts are up. So inspiring. Some day I want to do it. I would love to hear what you typically eat on one day on the trail.


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