We watched the sun rise from the tent and started hiking out at 7:30. 

It was only 11.8 miles to the half way point. I have mixed feelings about getting to half way. I’m super excited that I’ve made it half way and I want to celebrate, and I’m a bit sad and reluctant to get there because it means my trip is half over! 

Most of it was uphill, and there were so many downed trees. Some were easier to get over than others, and they were all easier for Cool Breeze to get over than me with my short legs! We stopped for a break 6 miles in. It’s hot, but not as hot as it has been. We had to go 1/3 of a mile down to a spring to get water – it felt like it was a lot longer! 


We got to the half way point at 1pm. It was pretty exciting. We’ve made it HALF WAY!!  We stayed there for about an hour and did some photos….


I saw Growlers name in the register – she is 3 days ahead, not sure we will be catching her anytime soon – sorry Growlers family 🙁 

We then had 8 miles downhill to Chester. We weren’t going to go to Chester originally but I am so sick of all my food and I wanted to go to the store to get something different, and maybe one of their famed milkshakes. There were so many trees to climb over. 


We got to the road just after 4.30, 3 miles an hour. Bam. When we got there there was trail magic and a water cache. Yes! I think the cache is maintained by Piper’s Mom who gave me water when I was at highway 49, thanks Piper’s Mom! I got the last Mountain Dew – it was meant to be! And there was a box of cookies, excellent trail magic! 

We were just wondering about hitching when a man drove up and dropped of another hiker. He gave us a ride to the burger shop. I love getting a ride without even trying! He had the cutest dog called woof who sat next to me on the way. I really wanted to take him with us. 


We had chilli burgers and milkshakes and they were so so good. I nailed mine in about 2 minutes. And the milkshakes were proper milkshakes. Served with a spoon, not a straw!

We went to the supermarket and I spent a long time in there not wanting any of the food in. What can I eat?! Cool Breeze was ridiculously patient with me as I said no to all his suggestions. I ended up with Ramen (Supernoodles), tuna and some cookies, and we filled up our water from the soda machine.


We spent about 10 minutes trying to hitch a ride back to the trail at about 7:30pm. We got a ride from a guy on his way back from work, he went all the way back out of town againjust to drop us off. When we got to the trail head Halfslow was there and he gave us some Mango cake. The last time I saw him was on 24th April in the desert. I showed him the picture I took and he exclaimed at how I had ‘dropped a lot of weight’!! 


He read us a John Muir quote from memory which was quite a special moment and then we went on our way. We found a place to camp just off the trail about a quarter of a mile from the trailhead! We had intended to go further than that but it was starting to get dark and the mosquitoes were out in force. 

Just over 20 miles. A respectable day.