We managed a fairly early start at 7am, big day today – 27 miles without water, the infamous Hat Creek Rim. Hot, dry, waterless. But fairly flat. 

We started in cloud, it was a great temperature. Then around 1pm it started to rain and drizzled on and off for a couple of hours. It then started to get hot, but thankfully not too hot – I’m so glad I’m not doing this in the 100 degree heat!! 

I’m sure there were some good views out there somewhere behind all the clouds: 


The walking wasn’t hard. Just relentless. We came to a water powerhouse and crossed the river where we got water from, not that we had drunk that much. 

After 28 miles it was time to camp! The first 20 miles went by without a problem, the last 8 were tough on the feet, legs and the mind! We camped on a random dirt road just off the trail.