Day 87 – rain

Well, it was freezing this morning. I couldn’t get warm so I started walking with my puffy on which felt weird after not needing it for so long. It took a good half an hour to get warm – to get out of the valley and up higher to the sun. 


It was soon back to hot again and it was time to strip the layers off. The temperature was actually quite pleasant and nice for hiking. 


I walked 8 miles and sat by the lake to wait for Cool Breeze to catch up. We ate some lunch and had to put my puffy on – the clouds were gathering and looking ominous. Cool breeze was having some problems with his feet so he tried walking in his sandals. 


We went through a large burn area and it started to thunder and lightning. Then it started to rain. Then hail. Then the rain got really heavy. We found a scrawny tree to get half shelter under. The trail had become a river. The storm was right overhead. After 45 mins or so we carried on. 



The walking was easyish today. The trail was pretty flat, then went down hill for a bit. Our aim was to get to old station. 23 miles. Then the rain and storms came again. Not sure if we were following the storm or it was following us. 


The rain got heavier and heavier and the walking was pretty miserable. The rain had washed out the path so it was rocky and hard to walk on. So 4 miles away from old station we bailed and set up camp next to some other people. We were both really cold so got the tent up and out of wet clothes into sleep clothes and a puffy, the only things that were dry. We ate in the tent (later we learnt that was a big mistake!)

Cool Breeze digging a moat around the tent:

It continued to rain all night.   

I taped my legs this morning. My knees feel so much better. I don’t quite understand how it works or why it works. But it’s working. And I will continue to tape them from now on!  


One thought on “Day 87 – rain

  1. Tape is lifting (wrinkles) your skin a bit and fluids that are making knee (or any other body part) swollen can easily go away and that’s it 🙂 Pretty simple.
    I’m reading you frequently and enjoying it. Keep up a good work and say hello to Cool Breeze as well 🙂
    Nikola from Croatia!


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