Day 92 – twix for breakfast 

In the night I could hear creatures around my tent, I shone my phone torch out to see that something had chewed a hole through the hip pocket on my bag. My head net was in there and I thought it would have chewed through that too but it turns out they were just trying to get to a cookie packet I had left in there and forgot about, the head net was safe.   

We had intended leaving at 6:30 again, but it was cold this morning! We ran out of water last night, and the stream was dry, so Cool Breeze walked the half a mile back to the spring to get water for us while I stayed in bed! 

We ended up hiking at 7:15am after Cool Breeze had cooked oatmeal and I ate my healthy and nutritious Twix for breakfast.  

We were caught up by a girl called Roadrunner. She was from Ireland but she had a Stoke on Trent accent which confused me, but confused Cool Breeze more. She is a fast one so she was gone as quickly as she arrived! Meep meep. 

The elevation profile for today suggested gentle up and down. But it felt like we spent most of the day going up and up. It was hot and humid. We could see Mt Shasta getting closer. We contoured the mountains for most of the day. 


6 miles in I was starving so we had a break, I had a tuna wrap. Cool Breeze had some disgusting looking concoction!…

We had lunch at deer creek and we only had 8.5 miles to go to complete our 23 mile day. We considered going further but when we arrived at the camp area we were both done. 


My whole legs were throbbing, my feet hurt, my ankles hurt, my knees hurt, my hips hurt. Cool Breeze is having trouble with his shoes so his feet were hurting as well. We were right next to the river, it was a bit cold to get in completely but we soaked our feet and tried to wash some of the dirt off. 


We arrived at 5:30 so we had time to set up camp and eat leisurely which I like. I am in to eating Ramen (Supernoodles) at the moment and I had two packets for dinner. I’ve eaten so much today! I even treated myself to a second chocolate bar. Maybe I’m finally getting an appetite again. 

We spent a lot of time talking about what we are going to do in Shasta which is keeping us going through the long hot days. 

My heels are always super painful at night, I can’t lay on my back (unless I dangle my feet off the end of the air mattress) because the pressure hurts my heels. It’s been this way since the start really. I feel like they may never be the same again after this! 

Lots of other people – about 6 – arrived at the same camp area, we knew one but not sure who the others are. Speedy thru hikers! 


One thought on “Day 92 – twix for breakfast 

  1. Hey Alex. Just wanted to say hi and let you know that I have been following your blog and living your awesome experience! You are doing brilliantly! I look forward to your updates. We are taking Anna and India to the Larmer Tree Fesitval tomorrow for the day. Charli and Steve are having a babymoon in Lyme Regis as only 7 weeks until Mini Maidment no. 2 arrives!
    Cool Breeze sounds like a very interesting character! Must be nice to share the experience with someone. Bye for now and best of luck in the rest of your journey! Gemma xx

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