Day 93 – up down up down

A 6:45 start and an 1800ft climb to start the day. (I hardly took any pictures today because most of the day looked like this:

No views. Just forest. The first up wasn’t too bad, the temperatures were cool and the ascent was gentle and gradual. We were maintaining a good 3mph pace. We had a quick stop near the top for the now standard tuna and crackers. 

We then descended 1500ft to the river via the Pacific Crest Jungle Trail. It was so overgrown! We were being whacked in the face by plants for a few miles. We sat by the river and had lunch and Cool Breeze got in and tried to have a bit of a wash. 

Then it was the start of the 2000ft climb out of the valley. By now it was really hot and humid and the first 1000ft was pretty steep. We stopped a few times on the way up for water breaks. We even got a view – not a great one – of Mt Shasta at the top. 

We then descended 1700ft towards Shasta. A 28 mile day leaves us 3 miles in the morning to get to the road and get to town so I can eat something that isn’t this:  



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