I had a great nights sleep in the hostel, which makes a change from the usual town stops. I’m so glad I got to stay at the hostel, Annie and Sid were so nice and their hostel is just like a home, it’s beautiful. If only you could do your laundry there it would be perfect!

I spent about an hour in bed this morning agonising over what to do today. Do I stay at the hostel another night? Do I try and get back to Callahans tonight? Do I get back on the trail today? My brain was hurting with all the different options and it felt impossible to make a decision. 

The problems were I needed to go to the post office to pick up a package, I needed to go to the outdoor store. I needed to go to the supermarket. I needed to go back to the post office. I needed to go to the ups store and I should do laundry – 3 miles away from everything else. Plus I needed to hitch back to the trail. I was really looking forward to Ashland before the trail, I’ve heard it’s a really cool town, but I just wanted to get in and out as quick as possible. Towns are too intense. 

So I made a decision. I went to the post office and picked up my package from my amazing friend Charlotte. So many amazing goodies and a lovely letter that made me smile like an idiot and made me so so happy. Finally some decent chocolate!!


I took my package back to the hostel and packed up my stuff, checkout was at 10. Annie and Sid did a car ride up the the laundry, I chose not to go. I only washed my clothes 3 days ago (seems excessive to do laundry more than once a fortnight!) and I might do my laundry at Callahans. I made a hitchhiking sign from the box of goodies I had just picked up – some of my finest work…


One Of Us had gone and bought doughnuts and I had one for breakfast – because you can when you’re hiking. Then I set off with all my stuff into town. I went to the outdoor store to get more fuel and some freeze dried dinners. They are super hiker friendly there, 10% pct discount, trail register, hiker box – which I found some tape for my boxes. Bonus. Then over to the supermarket to start the arduous task of buying resupply for now and for three separate boxes. I hate doing this. It’s so stressful. I have probably bought a load of old rubbish! I spread my shopping outside the front of the supermarket, discarded all the packaging and painstakingly removed all of the purple skittles from my enormous skittles bag. I then went back to the post office to post out two of the boxes. I was in there for about an hour.

Downtown chores complete I now had my pack, my remaining bag of resupply and my sign and stood on the side of the road trying to hitch. I am not a good hitchhiker. After 10 minutes I get despondent and decide I’m never going to get a hitch and the world hates me – patience has never been one of my key skills. After 20 mins I decided to give up and I was just going to walk the 3 miles. As I was walking away a car pulled up and asked if I still needed a ride. They passed me earlier and decided to turn around and come back for me! Sweet! They took me right to the door of the UPS store (which I’m sure was out of their way). Wild Pony was there packaging his resupply.

It was 2pm by then and I hadn’t eaten or drunk anything so I went to another supermarket and got completely overwhelmed. Everything in here is so shiny and perfect. 

I bought a sandwich and a selection of my favourite drinks – the world is better when you have A dirty Mountain Dew, orange juice and chocolate milk. I packed my UPS box and sent it off. 


Wild Pony and I stood outside the store discussing a hitch back to the trail. Bill and Nana (class of 2010) who works at the outdoor store came and spoke to us and agreed to take Wild Pony back to the outdoor store to get something he wanted, and then they would take both of us back to the trail!! So nice of her. Another ride without trying! She gave us root beers for the ride too!
We got dropped right outside the door to Callahans. Raingear, deluxe and another hiker had just got in. Hikers get a free beer and for $16 you get a bottomless spaghetti dinner. So we all had that. I couldn’t manage all of mine but Raingear managed two whole bowls. 
Wild pony and I considered hiking out, but after the beer and spaghetti we decided to stay and camp on the lawn at the lodge. I spent the evening lounging on the sofa not thinking about resupply, not thinking about anything. Perfect. I made use of the speedy Internet to download some podcasts and music for the next part of the journey. 

A guy landed his helicopter in the car park so when he went to leave we went outside to see it take off – huge mistake. We got covered in dust and grit. Pretty sure they were laughing at us! 

Saw a few other hikers come in, Pebbles and Bam Bam who invited us to a party at their parents house tomorrow, but we have to get back on trail! Horizon who I chatted with for ages, he gave me some good tips about the upcoming section, The Spaniard and Hoarder.

I didn’t bother with my laundry. Tomorrow I’m back on the trail.