We got up and packed away by 7:30 then we hung around the lodge for a bit. Everyone was having breakfast burritos and I knew it would be disgusting but I cracked and got one anyway. It was gross. I had a Mountain Dew and m&ms too. 


Got a bit of a weird feeling about the trail being nearly over today, Dana said she felt it too, I felt it when I said goodbye to Legend – he said see you at then next pass and if not I’ll see you in Canada. No! I don’t want it to end! 

A lady called granny gave me Dana and Bonus Miles a ride back to the trail so we didn’t have to walk that mile of road! And we were back on the trail by 9:30am. We were all walking a similar pace, but we had to leave big gaps because Oregon is so so dusty. It’s all over me. In my lungs, in my eyes, nose and mouth. 


We walked past some beautiful lakes and then stopped at a shelter to have lunch. It was full of trail crew who weren’t overly welcoming to start with, there were notes on the water that said it was for PCTA people not PCT hikers. Not very friendly! 


We all carried on to the next lake to get water. I think I need to replace my water bottle – I think there is mould in it!! 


We bumped into a couple of sobos – Future Dad and Mantis, they told us that Oregon gets better once you get past the burn section. We soon found ourselves in the burn section!


We still had a few miles to go and our ETA was about 8 so I stepped up the pace a bit. We camped by the lake and got some questionable water. 

26.4 miles