It was so so cold this morning. I didn’t want to move any part of me outside the sleeping bag. I said to Dana I wasn’t moving until I could feel the sun on me. We had 20 miles to do today before we tried to hitch into Sisters, where we would then meet an exceptionally kind lady – Kristen – who contacted me after following my blog and offered me a place to stay in Bend. 

We started hiking at 8. I struggled. I was going slow. I didn’t want to keep my eyes open, they were sore from all the dust and I was tired. 

I ate all my snacks in the first hour. Once out of the cold forest though we finally got greeted with some views! We could see Middle Sister. And we were in big open plains.

We arrived at Obsidian falls, where there was a lot of obsidian (volcanic glass – the stuff that arrow head Ladies Man found was made from, if you remember that far back). Dana and I had some lunch by the creek and we were joined by Bonus Miles. 


We carried on into the lava fields. There are so many people about today. Lots of day hikers. Lots of people out doing the 50 miles sisters loop. Lots of southbound PCT hikers. A couple of the sobos told us there was trail magic at lava lake campground. That’s exactly where we were headed so we picked up the pace. There were a few steep climbs through the lava fields, which made a welcome change from the endless trees. 


We got to the trail magic at 4pm, Tarzan had a great set up. He cooked us hotdogs, gave us crisps and sweets and soda and beer! You could swim in the lake and charge stuff in his caravan. He wouldn’t accept any donations. So kind. 


We were being fairly casual today as Kristen didn’t finish work until 6pm so we just had to get to Sisters before then. After our hotdogs we were sat around chatting with Garbelly, Wild Bill, Bonus Miles, Khaki and Tarzan and discussing trying to get a hitch when a car pulls up and a girl shouts Puff Puff? – it’s Kristen and her mum! She had finished work early and come to get us! So unexpected and so nice! 

It’s kind of strange as they have been following the blog and it’s like they already know me, I’m sure it must be a bit strange for them too! We get taken to the Sisters Inn to pick up our packages (which they hold free of charge for PCT hikers, very nice of the Sisters Inn) and then her mum treats us to milkshake! We go with Kristen to her house in Bend. She invites us in and we take off our shoes, our feet are gross and we don’t want to step on her carpet so we hose ourselves down outside. We take showers and she does our laundry and gets pizza AND she has soda, lots of soda. This is amazing!! We meet her husband Michael and chat all things PCT. 

I feel incredibly lucky and extremely fortunate that there are such kind people out there. 

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