Day 107 – back on the trail

I really enjoyed my stay at Callahans. All the staff are super friendly and it was so much more relaxing than town. I hiked out of Callahans with Wild Pony at around 8am, a short road walk back to the trail.

I was told by two people this morning that Oregon is flat and the trail is so well maintained that you won’t even have to look down. And they were almost right! It is flatish compared to California, only a few small ups today, which were a little tough because of the heat. But overall the trail was easy walking today. 


I started with 2 litres of water as it was only 12 miles to the next water – not much water in Oregon! We stopped for lunch and got ice cold lovely water from a pipe coming out the ground and flowing into a pond. 

All morning the trail smelt of piss. It is either some kind of plant or the deer are active or another hiker has a problem! 

Wild pony saw a bear. 

I walked on my own a bit for the afternoon, zoning out to podcasts. It got quite hot but we had lots of tree cover. I stopped for a break and savoured every bite of my Cadburys chocolate. 


I walked through large fields of what look like pretty yellow flowers. But no. These plants are spikey and evil. 


After 23 miles I arrived at a good water source and sat on the bridge for a bit to assess the camp situation and water for the next stretch. Wild Pony caught up. There was a water source 1.5 miles away and a camp site 1.5 miles after that but it would be a dry camp. I can manage 4 litres for 1.5 miles. 

The camp was beautiful, next to a lake. We arrived at a good time so were able to set up all our stuff and eat at the picnic table while it was still light. We watched the sun set over the lake and retired to our tents. A good 26 mile day. 



One thought on “Day 107 – back on the trail

  1. The lovely yellow flowers are Star Thistle, it really hurts if you get one of the spines under your toenail because you were foolish enough to wear flip-flops while working through it. I know from personal experience.
    I am enjoying your blog, thanks for sharing it.


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