Day 121 – magic

It had stopped raining but everything was wet. I could see the droplets on my tent. I heard Dana deflate her mattress. Time to get up! I feel so tired today. 


As I was packing my things I heard the cry of “who wants pancakes?” from the Cowboys. We stood around the fire eating our pancakes. We didn’t hike out until nearly 9am. Late start! Not the best start for a 30 mile day! 


Some people don’t have a tent. This is how Occupy camps. I could not do that, what about all the frogs!

Everything was wet on the trail. All the plants. So you just got wet every time you passed one. I had to get off the trail for a poo and I left my pack on the side. Dana passed me and when I caught up to her she said she saw a bear, right where I was taking a poo! Aw man! I walked as stealthily as I could for the next few miles. I saw bear poo and I think I heard a bear, but I didn’t see one. But we were I prime bear territory. 

We passed a large area where they had cut all the forest down for the power lines. 

9 miles in and there was more trail magic. I had Gatorade, ham, cheese, crisps, Rice Krispie square and a doughnut! Dana and occupy came along too. It was nearly 1pm when we left! 

I walked along with a good view of Timothy lake, lots of day hikers. I stopped 6 mile in to hang out all my stuff to dry.   


The afternoon was really humid, really sweaty. I got water from a puddle where the frogs were living. Ugh. I got my first view of Mt Hood. Then I came upon more trail magic! A guy called Tank cooking hotdogs!! I had 2. I haven’t eaten any of my own food today! 


Sasquatch (sobo) and Courage were already there. White Russian (sobo) came along and Dana. At one point Dana was totally outnumbered by foreigners. Courage – Japan, Sasquatch – Canada, White Russian – Russia obviously, and me – England. 

We were enjoying our trail magic. Our plan was to do about 30 miles today to leave 2 miles in the morning to get to the breakfast buffet at Timberline Lodge. But it was 8pm and getting dark, and Sasquatch said the lunch was better than breakfast so we decided to call it a day after 23 miles and camped there. Beer Goddess, Hawaii and One Of Us came by and had a drink and carried on hiking into the night. Occupy got sucked into staying. 


One thought on “Day 121 – magic

  1. Despite the wet weather, bears and froggies…at least and best there was camping pancakes and hot dogs!!! Yummy smells and tastes!!! Still enjoying your trek! You go Alex!


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