day 125 – hello Washington 

So it turns out Dana moves a lot in her sleep. We were both on our air mattresses on the floor of Farmers motel room. I nearly ended up under the bed by morning! 

We were all naturally awake early and we packed our stuff and went for breakfast in the little diner across the street. I had a chocolate milk and a ham and cheese croissant. Really greasy. Really good. We said bye to Farmer as he is off to Portland for a few day and Dana and I headed out to the Bridge of the Gods. Here is where we leave Oregon and enter Washington. The final state. How has this happened so soon. Stop! I don’t want it to end!


Oregon was over so quickly. I feel strange about leaving the state. Part of me is pleased to be leaving it behind. It was so dusty, not as beautiful as I had heard – although still beautiful because nature is beautiful, but I was expecting to be blown away and I wasn’t really. I also lost sight of myself in Oregon. I never came on this trip with any intention of finding myself, nor did I want to change my life – just enrich it. But at some point I lost myself. I became dependent on one other person and I didn’t think I was strong enough to do this by myself, when before I knew that I could. But, I’m feeing stronger than ever as I enter Washington, I’ve just walked across a whole state on my own! I’ve got this and I intend to make the most of every moment. Part of me feels sad because my trip of a lifetime is coming to an end. Only one more short state, but part of me is looking forward to the end and finally getting the dirt out from under my nails and the feeling back in my feet!

I am worried about the fires I’ve been hearing about all over Washington and I’m just keeping everything crossed that they are dealt with before I get there! I don’t have a plan B yet. 

The trail becomes more up and down again now compared to Oregon. And the day started with a 2500ft climb. I was going slow and Dana soon surged on ahead. She was aiming for a 30 mile day but I didn’t think I had it in me today. Chicken fat and Jeffe passed me and I passed 3 kinda grumpy people and two section hikers, but that was all I saw today. 


Washington so far is very mossy, tree covered and quite humid. 

I had made it 21 miles at 5:30pm and I stopped to eat some dinner before carrying on. I realised I was starving having not really eaten anything but chocolate and sweets since this mornings breakfast. I could have camped there but I still had time to walk and I wanted to get the 1000ft of climbing out the way. So I did 4 more miles to an old dirt road where there is a flat place to camp. A dry camp but that’s ok because I’d already eaten. I got there about 7:45pm and it was just starting to get cold. I could push on 4 more miles to get to where Dana planned to camp but that would involve night hiking again and I’m not in the mood. Plus she might not even be there. 

So I’m camping on my own for the third night on the trail. I’m sure I’ll just pass out because I’m so tired. Here is my camp set up, things are down to a fine art now, including a silly habit I picked up from Cool Breeze of using my sit pad as a doormat…


Today was intense. 7300ft of elevation gain, 25 miles. 

And they have some enormous slugs here…



3 thoughts on “day 125 – hello Washington 

  1. I can see both ways of thinking – you don’t want it to end because holy moley, this is the trip of a lifetime. But then there’s the whole ‘clean’ thing that’s really enticing and sleeping in a real bed could be awesome too! I pray that the fires don’t get in your way now that you’re in Washington. Continued safe travels for you, Alex.


  2. Errrrrr your trip is coming to an end?…more to the point then, so is my bedtime reading!!! Your Blog has kept me amused no end. Brilliant reading. And as for those slugs…..wont ever catch me heading to Washington now!.


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