Day 129 – goat rocks wilderness 

I was the last to leave the camp, shortly after Cardboard. The morning was nice and relaxed. Someone has giant feet – I found out later that was Cardboard. 

Around 10 miles in we all gathered at the water. We had just walked a long exposed section which was incredibly hot. I crave being out of the trees to get a view then when I’m out of the trees I am longing for their shade. 


Light Feather and her friend, Vince, Cardboard and Courage was there too! Cardboard took a nap…

We had a longish climb to Cispus pass and it was stunning beautiful. We were well and truly in Goat Rocks Wilderness. All of the crew arrived at the top of the pass together. 


We stopped to get water from the headwaters of the Cispus river, like an advert for Sawyer! 

The rest of the afternoon was just mindblowingly beautiful. I took so many pictures. It was a steep climb and we were reached a camp area by 6:45pm. I found a place with Vince and Cardboard – I think the others carried on – but this is one of the most beautiful camp sites ever. 


I have even been convinced to cowboy camp – I think it’s only my second time on the trail! It is freezing. There is a cold wind which we are hoping will die down after the sun goes. 

It’s all worth it though for the spectacular sunset and we can see Mt Adams, Mt Saint Helens and Mt Ranier all at the same time. 


Ugh. I loved loved loved today. This is one of the most beautiful places ever. 

27 miles. 2 miles over my self imposed limit, but it was more than worth it. 


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