I woke without my alarm at 6:30am and had a lie in. It was cold and I didn’t want to get up – I’m pretty sure that Washington nights aren’t going to get any warmer – but luckily no condensation. 

I walked for the first three hours with my down jacket on. The first 10 miles was really pleasant, downhill and flat. But smokey. A lot smokier than I was expecting. I got to a creek and had my lunch. 11am. Still loads of time. Cardboard came along just as I was packing up. 


Of course it’s important to maintain your looks on the trail and I think I can safely say that I have maintained looking ridiculous. But when your ears are cold you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do ya know. Someone in East London will think I look cool…

The day was beautiful, so many of the leaves turning yellow and red. I’m sure there were some good views out there if not for all the smoke, and Mt Ranier is out there somewhere. 


There was a 2000ft climb in the afternoon, only broken up by getting water from a clear, cold spring. The climb wasn’t that bad though, nice and gentle and not too hot. And every corner turned was just a beautiful sight even if the views were smokey. 


A grouse shot out the bushes about 2ft away from me and nearly gave me heart failure. Never mind bears, it’s the Grouse you need to watch out for. 

I got to Dewey lake around 6pm after a 23 mile day. I found that there were loads of people about (the only thing that makes me realise it is actually the weekend) and they had taken up all the camp areas. I asked if I could share a spot with someone and I was told that their dog wouldn’t like it. Their dog wouldn’t like it?!? There was nothing to stop me camping there, but I asked first out of politeness – I was too stunned when they said no to formulate a reply! 


I found an area which wasn’t wonderful but at least it was almost flat. Cardboard and Courage came along and camped with me. Friends! 

The Camp Robbers bothered us for a bit, this one is trying to eat Cardboards trekking poles, but they soon realised that thru hikers don’t waste their food and they flew off, hopefully to peck that dog. 


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