We woke up to condensation. Not really that surprising as we were camped next to a lake. The plan was to get to the Mike Urich cabin 26.5 miles away. More than the leisurely 20 miles a day I had planned to do, but the last 2 nights have been so cold I like the sound of a cabin.

I started in my down jacket but this time it was only about half a mile before I had to strip everything off. There was only 3.5 miles to Chinook pass which is a major trailhead and the promise of pit toilets, so I hung on, it was difficult but I managed it. A lady gave a pesto, provolone and avocado sandwich to Cardboard and I to share. It was delicious. Fresh and delicious. 


We carried on and there were so many day/weekend hikers around. I met a couple and the man picked up on my British accent, he was from Southampton, about 30 minutes away from where I grew up! Small world. I stopped and spoke to loads of people – hindering my progress. I also got cell service so looked up stuff about the fires and had some internet time – also hindering my progress! I stopped at the top of a climb, had some lunch and looked out into the smokey distance. 


I carried on to the spring that was only 10 miles from the trailhead, I didn’t get there until 2:30pm! I’ve only done half my miles for the day. Ugh. The day was beautiful even if it was super smokey, not great views but still nice. The sun through the smoke seemed to cast a pinky reddish tinge on everything. I got to the spring and just about managed to collect some water, by wedging a leaf into a rock I was able to almost fill a bottle. I dried out the fly of my tent and carried on. Still 13 more miles to go! Luckily it was mostly downhill and only a couple of uphills. I managed to maintain a 3mph pace and got to the cabin at 7pm. The whole afternoon was just through forest. No views. 

Courage and Cardboard were already at the cabin. And Paint, a sobo (probably the last sobo), was there. He broke his glasses and mended them with the straw from his sawyer squeeze. 

There was also another guy there, 200 percent. He wants to hike I think, but he would rather hang out at the cabin meeting hikers and providing trail magic – although I declined the beer, whiskey and the onion he had on offer. I think there is a fine line between hanging out at a cabin and acting like you own the cabin, unfortunately I think he is yet to find that line. He had lit the stove inside though and it was so warm and cosy. We set up our matts and sleeping bags and I tried to ignore the fact I could hear the mice running around. 

An ok 26.5 miles.