Day 135 – snoqualmie  

I could hear creatures in the night. I did what I always do in these situations and ignored them. I must have fallen asleep pretty much instantly. Beer Goddess arrived at some point and set up her tent but I didn’t hear a thing. 

It was cold and there was lots of condensation this morning. Washington it seems is just going to keep getting colder. I stuffed my wet tent in the side pocket of my bag and walked the first 5 or so miles in my down jacket. 

It was only 22 miles to Snoqualmie. However, the day was difficult. It was either steep up or steep down and the trail was rocky. Tough on the feet and ankles. I walked passed power lines a few times, one of my least favourite thing on trail. They crackle and buzz above you and I fear electrocution every time! 


Most of the trail was in the forest today so there wasn’t much to look at, but the smoke had cleared a lot. I ate all my snacks before 9am and didn’t eat again until I got to Snoqualmie. I have cravings for salt and meat, no craving whatsoever for anything that’s in my food bag. 


Half way up a big climb the trail flattened as it passed Mirror Lake. 


I am fascinated by these weird growths on the trees. Some type of fungus? But they are hard, like the tree…


There’s a sign. Let’s shoot it. ‘Merica. 

Eventually at 4pm I started walking past the ski lifts and Snoqualmie came into view. I was starving. 

Half an hour later I was sat with a bunch of other stinky hikers – Dana and her boyfriend, Courage, Cardboard, Super Classy, Kmart, Mad Science… 

I feel like an old lady. I had delusions that I would be super strong and part of the fitness elite by this point, skipping down the trail. But it just seems to be getting tougher. I take a small comfort in the fact other people are feeling the same way. 

There was a food truck with the most amazing Asian fusion food. After I had shovelled a ginger chicken curry, a dirty Mountain Dew, a chocolate milk and a can of Pringles down me I started to feel a lot better. 

I was going to wait for Beer Goddess to see if she wanted to split a room but I decided to go all fancy and get a room all to myself. I got a tub of Ben and Jerrys Half Baked from the gas station and ate it in bed (after I had got clean), whilst watching a TV show called Naked and Afraid! (A bit like that Bear Grylls program in the UK where they have to survive on an island – but here in America they are all naked! I only managed about 4 spoonfuls of my ice cream though. 

I see my reflection so rarely when I look in the mirror I think who’s that?! My body is a totally different shape and I don’t recognise the person with only the one chin looking back at me. 

I’m tired. I’m taking a day off tomorrow. 


4 thoughts on “Day 135 – snoqualmie  

  1. I have followed you since you were in the Mojave in California and have enjoyed your trip! My husband is doing Oregon in sections this year. He is 74 and will finish next week. I have been his “trail angel.”
    Those fungi are called conks. Here is a bit of info:Whenever fungal conks (also called fruiting bodies or basidiocarps) are found growing out of the trunk or at the base of a tree, it is an indication that the tree is decaying inside. There are many different kinds of wood decay fungi that can cause heart, root, and butt rot of living trees. Some wood decay fungi may form hard, leathery, permanent conks, while others produce soft, temporary mushrooms. Infection by these wood decay fungi are almost always associated with stress to the tree and wounding. The decay process is typically slow. By the time the conks are visible, internal decay is extensive, and trees are subject to falling or breaking in wind storms.

    Hope you get through the fires and all the way to Canada!


  2. Take two days off! It’s supposed to rain like it hasn’t rained all summer ( which it hasn’t!) for the next two days! Hopefully that will help put out some fires! Stay safe!
    Anxiously awaiting your next post….


  3. I’m following a few other blogs and some of the other hikers are having to get off the trail because of all the fires. You’re ahead of them though so I’ve got everything crossed you’ll make it to Canada! Stay safe!


  4. I follow a few other blogs and looks like a lot of hikers are having to get off the trail due to the fires. You’re ahead of them though so I really hope you can make it the rest of the way to Canada safely! Love your blog!


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