Farmer, Bumble, Bonus Miles and I went for breakfast. I ordered French toast and got made fun of when I ate ketchup with it – which seems odd coming from a nation who puts syrup over everything!!

The lady at the motel then gave us a ride to the ferry dock about 1.5 miles away, Light Feather and some other hikers were already on the ferry. Lake Chelan is huge. The ferry ride took 4 hours. On the way it was possible to see some of the damage from the recent fires on the hills around the lake, although it wasn’t smokey there were some areas still smouldering. When my friend Suds took the ferry last week she couldn’t even see the shore line because it was so smokey. Things change so quickly. 


We arrived in Chelan and we all decided to get a room in the lodge rather than camp outside. It’s chilly in Stehekin! 

We went for lunch and then picked up our packages, I had three packages from home all filled with sweets and chocolate! I’m going to get to Canada on sugar power alone. 


We sorted through our food, most of us having way too much as we picked up a box in Skykomish and a box here. We ran into Beer Goddess and hung out, chatting and catching up on where various people are. The room had cool towels, they were all made into animals!


We then all went to dinner (so much food again today!). 


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