day 147 – I want it to end. I never want it to end. 

I woke at 4am needing a wee. Just go back to sleep. It’s too cold to get up. After I laid awake for an hour I finally got up, had a wee and fell straight back to sleep. I will never learn! It wasn’t as cold as it was last night. Still cold enough though!

As we were packing up it started to snow! Oh joy. The cold made us pack up quicker and start walking to warm up. 

It snowed for a couple of hours then turned to sleet for another hour or so. No matter which way the wind is blowing snow always goes straight into your face. 


Eventually it started to clear up and after 11 miles I found the boys having lunch. I ate some Cheetos and survived the rest of the day on chocolate sweets and biscuits, again. I am carrying three packs of tuna but I just can’t face eating it. I drank my sprite that I packed out from yesterday which was a nice treat. 


The next 13 miles were all up and down and I had to just put one foot in front of the other. Everything hurts. My left shoulder especially with regular stabbing pains shooting through it. If I move my neck or arm wrong it hurts. I walked slowly. Partly because I couldn’t go fast even if I wanted to and partly to make the most of my penultimate day in the wilderness. 


I sat for a while at the top of a climb looking into the distance and absorbing my surroundings. I want it it end. I never want it to end. 


I passed Mad Science a guy called Camel coming south. They had reached the border and instead of walking to Manning Park in Canada they had to turn around and walk 30 miles back to Hearts pass because they don’t have their entry to Canada permit. That seems a really demoralising way to do it! 

The sun came out for little intervals in the afternoon and I spent most of the day taking off and putting on layers. The tucked in look is one of my best! Hat on hat off. Gloves on gloves off. All day. Cold wind is the worst type of weather, only made slightly better by beautiful views. 


I reached the top of another climb and saw Canada off in the distance. I also saw the lake below where we planned to camp. Only a mile to get there.


Well, it was the longest mile ever. Steep switchbacks that seemed to just go on forever. I saw Mechanic, from Japan, who I last saw at Shelter Cove as he flew by me. 

I found Farmer and Bumble at camp and Bonus Miles and Light Feather came in shortly after. We seem to have lost Beer Goddess. 

We all sat around eating our noodles and complaining about the cold! Tomorrow it’s the last day. Tomorrow it’s my birthday. I’m so glad to be finishing with this lot. They are such a nice bunch of people and it’s so nice not to be camping on our own in the final stretch. We only have about 6 miles until we reach Canada. 6 miles!!!


One more day to go.

I want it to end. I never want it to end.  


5 thoughts on “day 147 – I want it to end. I never want it to end. 

  1. Puff Puff, Happy BIrthday from one Virgo to another. I too don’t want it to end, I feel like I’ve been along with you this whole time. What a pleasure it has been to follow your blog, and learn about what awaits us next year. Can’t wait to see what you have for tomorrows post……….

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  2. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! I’ve followed your blog and progress on the PCT since meeting “Growler” near Quincy (BTW how is she?). You are making good time despite the weather – BIG miles! Thank you so much for sharing your observations, thoughts and great photos of your thru-hike. Stay warm and dry as you approach the end of your amazing journey!

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