Day 148 – oh Canada! 

I slept terribly. I couldn’t lie on my sides because my body was in too much pain. I couldn’t sleep on my back because I felt like the sleeping bag was suffocating me. I couldn’t sleep on my front because I needed a wee and there was too much pressure on my bladder. After about an hour of being really uncomfortable I got out my tent and had a wee and went back to sleep comfortably on my stomach! 

When 7am came around I heard a round of Happy Birthdays from everyone. Beer Goddess came into camp late last night after doing a 30 mile day to catch us up. We had agreed the night before to leave camp at 8am. Only 6 miles to the monument so we could have a leisurely morning. Everyone seemed to think it was one of the coldest nights so far but I thought it had warmed up slightly. I didn’t feel like my nose was going to fall off like I had on previous nights. I organised my snacks for the day. 


I left camp a little earlier than 8 because I needed to drop off the kids, I didn’t want to carry them to Canada with me. This meant I was a bit ahead of the others and as it was all downhill to Canada I powered through the 6 miles in just under 2 hours. On the way I saw Hops and Camel making their way back to hearts pass. I’m pleased it wasn’t wet or raining because there was a lot of growth to walk through. 


This is the USA on the left and Canada on the right. Marked by a cleared line of trees, difficult to see in the picture but you can see the little notch in the middle on the horizon…

I spied the monument through the trees and let out a huge whoop. Everyone will have heard that! I made it. I actually made it. I’m not sure how I felt. A whole mix of emotions. Relief. Happiness. Sadness. Joy.  

I lifted the top off monument 78 which was so so heavy and found the trail register. Not very many names I recognised in there. 

Everyone else started arriving and we had an epic photo session…


We toasted our success with cheap wine, root beer and British chocolate 


I made this video which I will watch every time I need to smile because it never fails. 

After an hour and a half it was time to hike the last 9 miles to manning park lodge. It’s weird getting to the monument and celebrating and then still having to walk 9 more miles! Bonus Miles, Light Feather, Farmer, Bumble and I stuck together for most of the way and once the 4 mile of uphill was out the way we cruised our way to the lodge. We even ran a bit. I had happy birthday sung to me. And Farmer picked up a snake. 


We finally made it to the lodge where we split a room and went straight to get food. I was ravenous. Living on sugar and ramen for 4 days isn’t a good idea. I had a pulled pork burger which didn’t even touch the sides and a mini Yorkshire pudding dish. The serve Yorkshire puddings in Canada!! 

I was still hungry! I made a rule of no phones at lunch so we didn’t all just sit there not talking to each other. But I got special birthday privileges and I was allowed to break my own rule and look at all the nice birthday messages I had been sent. 

We all got clean, did some laundry and had precious Internet time and went for dinner. Time goes so quickly when you waste it on the internet! I sat by the fire in the lobby and by 10pm my eyes were starting to droop. I didn’t even make use of the hot tub! The room was dark and everyone was sleeping. They had left a whole bed just for me, more birthday privileges! After sleeping so badly the last few nights I spread out like a starfish, my body was exhausted and my mind was buzzing. 

What a birthday! One I will remember forever. So, that’s it. I’ve made it to Canada. The end. Or is it? 

I’m off to Vancouver for a few days for a little break, then I plan to go back to Stevens Pass and hike the section I missed which is now open. So, it’s not quite over just yet! The blog may continue, for a few more days at least!…


16 thoughts on “Day 148 – oh Canada! 

  1. Congratulations again!!! It’s is a truly amazing adventure……………. And I’m glad there might be a few more blogs to come. A thoroughly enjoyable read………and I shall miss them popping up in my inbox. 😊👣👣👣 xxx


  2. Cheers, Alex!! Best birthday ever, I would say. Congratulations on an amazing adventure and thank you for letting us all tag along by reading your blog. It’s been such a grand adventure for the last 5 months. Thank you. :o)


  3. Congratulations again! You are my hero! I wish I’d had your courage when I was your age….many moons ago! I’ve really loved following along and living it all through your blog and photos. Thank you! I hope you keep posting your adventures! Very happy to hear that you’re going back to do “the 100”! Please keep us posted!


  4. What an achievement. I’m following you since day 30 or so… I’m very happy for you that you went trough. I loved reading your blog and admired the pictures. Congratulations and greetings from Switzerland!


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