Day 152 – almost there

It rained in the night quite a lot. I packed up carefully and I was the last to leave camp at 7:45am. I spoke to Mosey and Swampmaster before they left, having not really met them properly last night in my desperation to lay down. “See you in Stehekin tomorrow” they said. 

I really didn’t feel well this morning. Nauseous. The path was lovely and clear. Only the one fallen tree, which was early on, I was worried it was a sign of things to come but it ended up being ok. Eventually the sick feeling subsided and I was getting stabbing pains in my gut instead. I had to make three visits to the woods before midday to drop off the kids (who were already swimming). I didn’t feel well at all. I started to feel slightly better in the afternoon but I think that’s because I was completely empty! 


We walked through the area that had been closed today. No sign of fire, but then I’ve no idea what I’m looking for. 


There was one big 3500ft climb today then one huge descent. The climb was tough. It just seemed to go on forever. And I felt weak. After the last visit to the woods I saw that I still had 1000ft left of the climb. I’m so over it! So I picked up the pace just to get it out the way. I played leapfrog with Mosey and Swampmaster for most of the day. 


As I got to the top it started raining and it continued to be wet and cold for the rest of the day. Down down down for miles. Lots of overgrown vegetation, I don’t like it when it slaps you in the face. 


I crossed a massive fallen tree to make it to the other side of the river and got to the camp we had planned to get to at 24 miles. Vince was waiting for me. It was only 5pm so we decided to carry on another 3 miles to make a 27 mile day. Plus there were signs everywhere saying Danger! Falling trees! Do not camp here!   

We made it to camp at 6:30 and there was a small gap in the rain so we could set up our tents. Mine was still soaked from this morning. But it doesn’t matter because it’s my last night on the trail! 

Mosey and Swampmaster arrived after we had set up camp and seemed surprised to see me. After all they had expected to see me in Stehekin tomorrow. Don’t underestimate this lean mean hiking machine!!

It carried on raining as I ate my ramen and cheesy crackers in my tent. Not that I felt that hungry. It’s not cold tonight which is good as the foot of my sleeping bag is damp. A mouse nearly got in my tent, I won’t miss the mice at all. 

27 miles. Everything hurts. Especially my legs. Tomorrow promises real food and a flushing toilet. 


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