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Te Araroa


I’ve wanted to go to New Zealand for as long as I can remember. Heralded as the land of adventure, the place that has it all – beach, mountains, snow, and sun. And since discovering there is a long distance thru-hike there, my desire to go is now HUGE. The Te Araroa is a new trail – only finished in 2012 – so it’s a lot less travelled than the Pacific Crest Trail, a lot muddier and a lot easier to get lost – it sounds BRILLIANT!

Mt Elbrus 5642m


It’s in Russia and I hear that Russia is pretty cool in a bonkers kind of way. It’s also a gnarly mountain and one of the 7 summits. You climb it and you get to tick off Europe – only 6 more to go. And once you have traversed the western summit, you head back down on the south side via a ski lift! It is nearly 1000m lower than my highest peak, but the experience is different – no Yaks or Sherpas to carry your kit, you’re on your own on this mountain.



Since dipping my toe into long distance hiking a whole new world has opened up before me and my research knows no bounds! It’s only 112 miles it can be done in a week (maybe!) but most take a leisurely 2 weeks. There are loads of trails through Europe but the GR20, which traverses the island of Corsica, is described as Europe’s toughest hike — so naturally that’s the one I want to do.

Appalachian trail


I met loads of people while hiking the PCT who had already hiked the AT, and most of what they said put me off – very wet, nicknamed the ‘green tunnel’ because you spend a large amount of time walking under tree cover, busy, party scene at the huts, lots of mice. But, I kinda want to give it a go…

Continental Divide Trail


Well, if I do the AT then how can I not go for the triple crown of hiking?! This one seems a little bit more terrifying than the other two. It has its own tagline “embrace the brutality”! Much more remote, much less water, a lot more bears. People talk about burying food and water in preparation! A few of my PCT mates are out there now so I’m looking forward to following them / seeing if they survive.



No a long hike necessarily, but doesn’t Iceland look amazing?! Volcanoes, geysers, glaciers, waterfalls, hot springs, northern lights… I just want to be there. Now.

Great Himalayan trail


“The Great Himalaya Trail is a proposed trail of more than 2,800 mi stretching the length of the Greater Himalaya range from Nanga Parbat in Jammu & Kashmir to Namche Barwa in Tibet – passing through Kashmir, India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. When completed, it will be the longest and highest alpine walking track in the world.” The 2,800m I can deal with. It’s the altitude that will be the tough bit. I will definitely return to the Himalayas one day.

Trans Canada trail 


This trail isn’t even finished yet, at the moment it’s about 80% complete. When it is all joined up, hopefully in 2017, the trail with be fifteen thousand miles long. That’s around 5 times the length of the PCT and it will take about 2 years to walk from one side of Canada to the other. TWO YEARS!!

American discovery trail 


A trail that starts on Americas east coast and stretches 5000 miles across to the west coast. It would take about a year to thru hike, inevitably running into some winter conditions. The USA is so diverse, this would be an epic adventure.

Lands end to John O’groats 


This one is a little closer to home. From the south westerly tip of England (Lands End) to the north easterly tip of Scotland (John O’Groats) is about 1000 miles. It is most well know as a bike ride that people complete in about 7 days, and I’ve thought about doing it many times, but I’m not sure how much I like bike riding. Maybe I could just walk it instead…

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