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I have decided to take a full zero in Stehekin. Mostly to give the patches on my heels some breathing space. It’s been a real luxury to stay at the ranch, and 3 meals a day are included in the price.

I ate a huge breakfast, omelette, potatoes and bacon and we then got the white bus into Stehekin. The bus stopped at the bakery and I got a black bottomed cupcake. I am so full now I feel like I’m going to burst.

There were a lovely group of people on the bus asking us loads of questions and we were able to play with their 1 year old Labrador puppy.

We went to the shop and the post office and signed the hiker book and found out entries from last year.

I had a chat with the people at the landing. I freaked the lady out when I said ‘hey, your husband makes the ice cream doesn’t he?’ After explaining myself she seemed genuinely pleased that I have remembered them and come back to talk to them.

We hung around the landing for a bit and I saw the high school boys we were chatting to yesterday. I managed to get the wifi password from one of them and we had half an hour to send a few messages home before we had to get back on the bus to the ranch. The bus stopped at the bakery again but I couldn’t face any more food!! They then loaded up the bus with pies for tonight’s meal. I can’t wait for pie!

Back at the ranch I lay in the garden and fell asleep for a bit under the tree. The bugs began to be irritating so I went back to the cabin and chatted until dinner time. A delicious meal of healthy hearty home cooked food and a chat with the general manager makes this a really wonderful place to stay. I had my two slices of pie and now I feel absolutely stuffed to bursting.

After having 2 poos in 8 days I have had about 6 in one day! I know y’all wanted to know that. (That y’all was especially for Jackie. She’s from South Carolina.)

Zeros are great for the body but not so great for the mind. They can be a little boring, and you itch to get back on the trail. Although I’m not looking forward to the uphill coming up…


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