0 miles

It was nice to spend the night in a bed. And be clean. Matt made me blackberry pancakes with were delicious. I’m not normally a fan of American pancakes but these were awesome.

Then I helped Matt out with his podcast. My first interview. I’ll let you know where you can find it when it’s published.

He dropped me back in town and I left my stuff at the Ale House and went to the supermarket to resupply. I managed to find some backpackers pantry meals in the hiker box. Result. And I got a new toilet roll, new toothpaste, some starburst (who puts starburst in the hiker box?!) and some moisturiser for my poor dry hands. My face is surprisingly regulating itself.

I cobbled some food together. My resupply plan for Oregon is to wing it. Let’s see how that goes.

I then headed to Shreks swamp to hang out away from the heat. Swamp is a good way to describe it. It was a mess when I got there. Beer cans strewn everywhere. Half eaten food. Trash blowing around in the wind. There were two uncommunicative nobos there. Not a good vibe.

I busied myself with sorting out my food and getting rid of my trash. Then T-Rex and the Graduate came in. I was listening to them chat to the others and found out that they hiked California and Oregon last year, and they started 3 days after me. I don’t think I ever met them. They missed Washington last year, but instead of just doing that section they are doing the whole thing again. They are trying to put off the ‘real’ life, just like me.

I get a text from Drake to let me know they are two miles out of Cascade Locks and I meet them at the Ale House to have a farewell meal. I’m going to really miss Drake, but I’m sure I’ll see Strings again at some point down the trail.

None of us know what happened to Gilligan and Tory since we left them at White Pass. We asked nobos about them but no one said they had seen a man and a dog. I would have liked to have seen them again. Especially Tory.

Drake is flying home from Portland and Strings got a ride with him so I headed back to Shreks and spent most of the afternoon catching up with the blog.

Wolf rolls in. I was sure he was ahead of me. Now by the name of Johnny Tuna. I didn’t ask.

Shrek came over to me and told me I was here on exactly the same day last year. Weird.


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