0 miles

We went for breakfast and sat in the lobby on the sofas to eat. There were lots and lots of people milling about and a couple came and sat next to us. I was telling Catwater a story and the guy asks me where I’m from. England. He was going to guess Australia. Of course he was!

We got chatting about what we were doing and the girl, Tracy, says she knows someone who is hiking from Canada to Mexico this year. She’s only Spice Racks friend! And she is friends with Saina from last year. Ridiculously small world!

Catwater goes off with her friends to the beer festival and I go back up to the room. I have a hot date with my bed, pizza, cookies and my blog! I make some calls and send some messages before spending the rest of the day in bed mostly catching up with the blog.

I eat my leftover pizza and cookies in bed making all sorts of crumbs which I hate. But I love eating in bed. It’s a bad habit. It’s quiet in the room so I put the tv on for some background noise. It’s a struggle to find something, and there is no Naked & Afraid on at the moment, but I settle for a few ancient Friends episodes, then when they finish I watch Women in Prison. Great trashy reality tv!

This continues until 4pm when I start to feel funny and need to get some fresh air so I have a shower, make myself look less like Crusty the Clown and head out. I aim for the supermarket to pick up some drinks and I stop into a gear shop on the way. They have in stock the backpack I have been looking at online but have been reluctant to buy without seeing it first. And they have 20% off! So I buy it with the intention of testing putting all my kit in it and returning it tomorrow if it’s no good. At the supermarket I buy chocolate milk, Sprite and orange juice. All the best drinks. I’m so thirsty!

The girls are all back from the beer festival, surprisingly coherent, and we all head to Robertos for dinner. A creature of habit I have the Wahoo burrito again!

We go back to June’s condo (what is a condo exactly?!) and chat for a while. It’s so nice to do that. It feels so normal. I have a quarter glass of wine. My first alcohol since July 11th.

Back at the hotel I try out my pack. It’s good but I have to test it with all my food in. Zero day three (!!) tomorrow will give me chance to do all that stuff.


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