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We shoved our laundry in the machine and went to breakfast, dressed only in my waterproof trousers and my puffy. We discussed the trail and what we had ahead of us and the timing and miles and water and everything. I’m taking a zero today. An unplanned one but a welcome one.

We are going to keep hiking together and reassess when we get to Agua Dulce. I make a few calls and try and get us a ride to the trail tomorrow morning. Rufus was particularly unhelpful:

Me: Can you give us a ride at 7am tomorrow morning?
Rufus: Call me in the morning.
Me: So if I call you at 6:30 tomorrow morning and you say no what do I do then?
Rufus: You know it’s going to be raining tomorrow. You sure you want to got outside, in the rain?
Me: Yes Rufus, my skin is waterproof you know.
Rufus: Call me in the morning.
Me: No thank you, I’ll try someone else.

I made about 15 calls before I decided to call Georgette again and see if she would help out. Of course she said yes and our ride was sorted.

When our clothes are washed and dried we head off to the supermarket. Everything in Tehachapi is super spread out and it’s a 1.2 mile walk to the shop. We went through the agony of buying food. I didn’t even try to get anything different, I just went for the same old stuff. One of the staff spoke to me about the trail, he said I looked like a hiker but he was unsure because I didn’t smell bad!

I got some new headphones and new extreme kt tape and went back to the motel to sort through it all.

After catching up with the blog a bit it was time to get lunch. The place we went – Pizzarami – was good but they were terrible short staffed so we got free cheesy garlic bread for having to wait (I have waited much longer in the uk and been offered nothing). After than and a Hawaiian burger and fries I was completely stuffed so it was a good job we had to walk 1.6 miles to the post office!

I posted some bits and pieces to a trail angel in San Diego to lighten the load a bit for the final stretch. The day was pretty overcast and all the locals are talking about rain tomorrow. I will welcome rain because that means it won’t be too hot on this dry waterless stretch.

I return to blogging at the hotel and around 6:30 we decide we aren’t really hungry so we wonder to the gas station to buy a drink and I resume the blogging.


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