Abandoned road – Little Jimmy campground 
17.9 miles.
5672ft up. 4459ft down.

It took me a while to warm up last night but once I did I had a good night sleep. Even though we were on an abandoned road – not the greatest of campsites – but it was flat and sheltered from the wind. It was a chilly morning but still much warmer than last night, this may be how it’s going to be from now on. Our first goal was Camp Glenwood where there is a spring fed spigot, we didn’t push to camp here last night because neither GPS app suggested camping was available (despite the name!) and neither of us could remember what it was like. It was much colder up here so we were glad we stopped where we did. There was a nice pit toilet which I took advantage of.

We were lucky today with pit toilets and trash cans, we passed about 6 pit toilets and I got rid of my trash and toilet paper at every convenience which was nice.

Shortly after we passed the 400 mile mark. Less than 400 miles to go! It’s quite nice having a countdown as you go south! Next we came to the junction for the alternate route (which is a similar number of miles) around the closure for the ‘endangered species, the yellow legged frog’. There is absolutely nothing here to suggest the trail is closed. There should be a sign surely? But as with most things the trail is mostly made for northbounders. Just before the junction is a strong flowing creek. We haven’t seen one of those in a while!!

The trail crosses highway 2 several times throughout the day. We rejoin the PCT at the road and hike up to Mt Williamson. Last year when I was here the weather was really bad so my group chose to road walk this section rather than go up further into the bad weather, so this part of the trail was a first for me! This bit of the trail is a bit frustrating because it climbs up over 1000ft from the road, it skims past the top of the mountain, then drops back down 1000ft to the road. There is a spur trail which is about 0.6 miles to the top of Mt Williamson. It seemed silly to be so close and not summit it so I dropped my pack and jogged (I actually jogged) to the top. Good view over the desert. Then I jogged back down. It’s so much easier without a pack!

After descending back down to the road we made a quick stop at the pit toilets, these ones were pretty disgusting. We saw 3 hikers coming north and one of them left a half empty bottle of water on a gate post. As they passed us I told them they had forgotten their bottle. They told me they were leaving it for other hikers. Now a cache is one thing. But coming across a random half empty bottle left on a gate post? I wouldn’t drink from that, I doubt anyone else would be that keen either, so they are basically littering as far as I can see. But that’s what people do. They don’t give a shit because they assume someone else will come and tidy up behind them.

Catwater hasn’t been feeling good today. GI issues. So even though it’s only 5pm we call it a day at little jimmy campground (where there is a pit toilet), we will get to Wrightwood tomorrow regardless so it doesn’t matter about the time. It’s also getting really cold. I put all my layers on. Little Jimmy spring is a short walk away so we go and collect enough water for tonight and tomorrow.

We retreat to our tents immediately as it’s too cold to be outside. I eat some tuna and ramen and I can barely choke them down. I can’t eat either of those things anymore. As I’m reading my book I see lots of lights shining in my tent. It almost looks like car lights passing. I feel my heart quicken and tell myself not to be so ridiculous. It’s people. It’s probably Catwater. Or maybe it’s Witch. Ignore it!

It’s very windy outside, I can hear it blowing through the trees, but luckily we seem to be fairly sheltered here.


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