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It absolutely poured down last night. The sound of the rain kept me awake. When morning came it was still raining. And it was cold and windy. We were still undecided. The Ravens, who live in the area, advised us that it was a one day storm and there would be winds of up to 70mph on the ridges and the temperatures weren’t going to get much above freezing. Our research into the weather told us much the same thing.

Breakfast wasn’t served until 8 so we put off the decision until then. We got chatting to a couple from Orange County who we had breakfast with, it was really nice that they were so sociable. After much deliberation we decided as this was supposed to clear up tomorrow that we would wait it out for the day in Julian and hike out tomorrow. No point being wet cold and miserable on the last few days of the trail. So we moved over to the Julian Lodge and wondered how we were going to fill our day.

We started by going to Mom’s Pies, the most popular pie shop in Julian, the one that had the 100 person queue outside yesterday. As PCT hikers, if you show your permit they give you a free slice of pie! There was still a bit of a queue but at least it was inside, and we found it why there was such a massive queue – because the service is terrible! They need a little organisation. Plus it was the weekend before thanksgiving so everyone was coming from San Diego to get their thanksgiving pies.

The pie was good though, I had Apple and boysenberry because that was the only pie that didn’t contain cinnamon, and that’s probably the one I would have chosen anyway. We didn’t want to wander about town in the rain so we went back to the hotel. Flicked through the tv and found there was nothing on, settled on an old Judy Garland black and white movie. When we couldn’t stand than anymore we went for lunch. Pulled pork burger and cream of broccoli soup. Yep. Weird combo but it tasted good.

Just as we had finished Catwater gets a call, The Ravens (Mom and Pop) had come to see us! And to pick up a thanksgiving pie of course! It was really cold, see your breath kinda cold, and wet so we hung out in the hotel room and chatted for a couple of hours. Which was perfect because the only thing we were in need of today was entertainment and that’s what they gave us. They are awesome.

After they left it was time for us to think about dinner! We went to the closest restaurant and I chose the thing with the most vegetables. It was good food and I was now completely stuffed.

Earlyish start tomorrow.


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